20 Extremely Strange Sculptures Around the World

Art is a very broad field with many ramifications. Not every work has to be beautiful or pleasing to the eye. Precisely therein lies the greatness of art, which goes beyond the well-known works of famous artists such as Picasso or Van Gogh. Encompassing even the strangest and most unusual expressions of the creative mind. The sculptures presented below have a very peculiar appearance.

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In some cases, they can even be scary, but this doesn’t stop them from being fascinating to certain people. From surreal figures to spooky monuments, these works of art leave no one indifferent. Discover how the creativity of artists has resulted in some of the most curious and fascinating pieces in the world of sculpture.

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Human-shaped wooden statues created by Nagato Iwasaki.

Wooden humanoid sculptures in the forest

They are called mizuko jizo and have to do with abortion in Japan.

Mizuko Jizo

A statue with extremely realistic teeth and eyes.

Sculpture with haunting eyes

Created by Charles Robb, this upside-down statue is called La Trobe.

La Trobe sculpture upside down

A hanging statue of a man discovered in the attic of an abandoned mansion.

Sculpture Man Hanging from the Ceiling

Spooky statue of a great white shark submerged in Lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland.

Submerged shark lake sculpture

This giant eye is located in Dallas, Texas.

Giant Eye Sculpture in Texas

A hyper-realistic statue installed during an exhibition in New York.

Hyper-realistic sculpture man

Out of broken glass and debris from the Beirut explosion, a local artist created this monument.

Monument Sculpture Explosicon in Beirut

Created by David Cerny, this sculpture flees from the conventional.

Trolley with legs

Somewhere in Italy they show David tapping his little toe on a piece of furniture.

The David Screaming Sculpture

Sculpture of a giant buried in Guatemala.

Giant sculpture buried

This sculpture by Marc Sijan is scary because of its level of realism.

Police Sculpture

Sculpture in the shape of a sperm in Norway.

Giant Sperm Sculpture

This sculpture of a mermaid is the work of Cameron Stalheim.

Mermaid Sculpture

If I stumbled upon this while walking at night in Vancouver, Canada, I would definitely have nightmares.

Extrala Sculpture in Vancouver, Canada

The famous sculpture park in Wicklow, Ireland.

Terrifying Sculpture

Karma is a sculpture exhibited at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York.

Karma High Sculpture

It is the work of artist Do Ho Suh. While it is only 7 meters tall, the progressively reduced size of the patterns gives the illusion that it is much taller.

A strange statue in Russia that, no matter where you look at it, turns its back on you.

Sculpture that always turns its back on you


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