Exploring the World from Above: Photos from Drone Photo Awards 2023

Drone photography has proven to be an impressive way to capture unique and amazing views of our surroundings. As part of the Siena Festival of Awards for visual arts, the winning images and honorable mentions of the prestigious international drone photography competition announced every year and here are the best photos from the Drone Photo Awards 2023.

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Lilies, lilies everywhere by Savadmon Avalachamveettil.

In the exquisite corner of Malarikkal, in Kerala, India, nature presents us with a magical spectacle. Between September and October, water lilies bloom and dye the region a captivating shade of pink, creating a dazzling formation.

Lilies Seen by Drone 1

It must resist by Or Adar.

From the streets of Tel Aviv, Israel, emerges a powerful portrait of human determination. Thousands of protesters unite to oppose Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial reform plans in an image captured by Israeli photographer Or Adar.

must resist

Children’s playground by Sebastian Piórek.

Tucked away somewhere in southern Poland, a playground bears witness to the joy of children as the first rays of the sun illuminate the area, creating a scene of indescribable beauty.


On the Fragile Ice by Florian Ledoux.

In the frigid surroundings of Svalbard, Norway, a majestic male polar bear walks gracefully on the thin ice of late spring. Sea ice in this region shrinks every year, and this image captures the reality of how climate change affects our wildlife.

Polar Bear Footprints

Agglomeration in Gold Harbour by Renato Granieri.

Next to a freshwater lagoon in Gold Harbour, a group of cute baby king penguins congregate. Both molting adult birds and hatchlings avoid salt water due to their non-waterproof feathers, opting to stay near freshwater sources to stay hydrated.

Penguins in freshwater lagoon

Flamingos by Thomas Vijayan.

During the rainy season, Africa’s Rift Valley transforms into a stunning sea of flamingos. Photographer Thomas Vijayan was fortunate enough to capture the singular beauty of these graceful birds in their natural habitat.


Suburban dystopia by Florian Kriechbaumer.

On the outskirts of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, sits a condominium with identical designs. The two-tone pattern of the houses arranged along a straight avenue of access reflects the characteristic uniformity of this place.

Utypical Condominium

Highline by David Machet.

Tightrope walker Nathan Paulin defies gravity as he successfully crosses a tightrope 200 meters long and only 2.5 cm wide at Pointe d’Areu in the French Alps. This incredible feat required the hard work of a team of six people over the course of three days in January 2021.

French Alpres Tightrope

Strawberry Show by Guy Shmueli.

From high above a strawberry field in Israel, this image resembles the opening of a curtain in a theater, revealing the natural and orderly beauty of the crops.

Red Strawberry Field

New Footprints by Austin Johnson.

A group of Canada geese leave their mark in the pristine snow of Harris Field, Idaho, United States. These migratory birds make amazing journeys, covering up to 2,400 kilometers in a day if the weather conditions are favorable.

Footprints on the snow

Decrease in green areas by Md Asker Ibne Firoz.

In Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, rapid urbanization has led to the gradual disappearance of green areas in the city. This striking portrait visualizes the negative consequences of urban sprawl.

Lack of green areas

A refreshing buffalo bath by Kiah Hwa Ng.

From above, you can see the scene of a group of majestic buffaloes plunging into a pond to escape the scorching midday sun. The earthy composition of the surroundings enhances the image, creating a striking snapshot.

Buffaloes bathing

We work together for Pappu Chowdhury.

In a salt desert, two women and four men come together to create elaborate patterns, demonstrating the beauty that can emerge from human collaboration in challenging environments.

Art in a Salt Flats

The traditional fight of the Boli Khela by Muhammad Amdad Hossain.

Boli Khela, an ancient form of traditional wrestling, comes to life on Chattogram’s Laldighi Maidan, illustrating a deeply rooted part of Bangladeshi folk culture.

Traditional Wrestling

The tower of the church submerged by Paweł Jagiełło.

A 14th-century bell tower stands in the solitude of the waters, reminiscent of the sunken village of Curon Venosta in Italy. Decades ago, the construction of a dam submerged the village, leaving only this tower as a mute witness to the past that lies beneath the waters of Lake Resia.

Church Tower

Mass prayer on the highway for Md Tanveer Hassan Rohan.

A stunning aerial view shows thousands of devotees gathered on the Dhaka-Mymensingh Expressway during the Bishwa Ijtema 2023, a massive religious congregation that follows the Hajj in importance.

Prayer on the Highway

The Law of Nature by Igor Altuna.

In South Luangwa National Park, nature follows its unforgiving course. The image captures the remains of a buffalo hunted by lions, setting the stage for the feast of hyenas and vultures to come.

Wild nature

Daily struggle to quench your thirst for Pratik Chorge.

In Thadacha Pada, Mumbai, India, villagers face the stark reality of water scarcity. Despite the presence of large dams nearby, such as Bhatsa, Tansa and Vaitarna, water is a precious and limited resource. The photograph shows residents congregating around a dry well, as tanker trucks arrive to quench their thirst and ensure their survival.

India's water crisis

These photographs demonstrate the power of the art of drone photography to provide a new perspective on our planet and the challenges we face. Through the lens of visual art, we connect with the majesty of nature, human resilience, and the importance of preserving our essential traditions and resources. These captures become a visual testament to the richness of life in all its facets, reminding us that ultimately we are all interconnected in this amazing journey called life.

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