Man balances things and seems to defy the laws of physics

You’ve probably seen it in some video compilation. His name is Wang Yekun, and he possesses exceptional patience and extraordinary ability to balance all kinds of objects. Often, his works are made up of things stacked on top of each other as if an invisible force is holding them in place.

The Man Who Balances Things On The Internet

An electrician by trade, Yekun found a hobby when he set about balancing a series of objects. Eventually he turned up the difficulty and integrated old sewing machines, glass bottles, and huge gas cylinders that balance worryingly on thin metal wrenches. Apparently, this man has the ability to integrate any object into his balancing acts.

The man who balances things on the Internet.

He started with this hobby in 2017, although his talent went viral on social media in the midst of the pandemic. After gaining several million followers on Tik Tok alone, he decided to dedicate himself fully to this. And now he makes a living balancing things while entertaining his audience.

Wang Yekun, a resident of east China’s Shandong province, is quite a celebrity in his country. His followers love to waste time watching these videos, where he also includes the process of trial and error. He is frequently seen breaking dozens of bottles in his attempts at balance. And it often takes hours to completely finish the work.

In the end, Wang always achieves his goal. And this is what attracts people, because their dedication and commitment to something so simple are worthy of admiration. “Balancing life is an art, sometimes serious and sometimes fun,” Wang once said in an interview.

In addition to balancing inanimate objects, such as a huge bicycle held up by three glass bottles, Wang Yekun also often uses humans in dynamic installations. For example, when he balanced two volunteers on a chair that appeared to fall.

Even if this kind of activity isn’t your thing, you should admire Wang Yekun for the enormous patience he has to carry out his crazy creations. In addition to the enviable determination not to throw in the towel when it’s about to end and everything ends up falling apart.



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