22 Things You Can Only See in Asia

Asia is a region of the world with extremely strange customs, as well as a very interesting culture that Westerners do not quite get used to and that is why it attracts our attention so much. The lifestyle in this area is very different from the one we develop here, to the point that it can be shocking for many. Here are 22 charts, mostly from East Asia, that will fuel your curiosity to explore this region.

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1 – Large dogs are not very common in South Korea. The owner of this golden retriever tied up his pet for a moment to look for a bathroom, and when he returned he found this scene.

Only in Asia (20)

2 – Although you can find people eat chicken feet (without the nails) prepared in various ways in many parts of the world, you will hardly be able to find them in a fast food restaurant.

It only happens in Asia (1)

3 – In this province of China there is a competition to see who is able to drink the most.

But they don’t do it in glasses or jars, take a look at the size of the glass vessels they use.

Only in Asia (19)

4 – A QR code made from the trees of a garden.

It only happens in Asia (2)

5 – In Asia, skyscrapers are not at odds with nature.

Only in Asia (18)

6 – Scenes like these are very easy to find in these places.

It only happens in Asia (3)

7 – A department store in China installed pods in which men can have fun with retro games while waiting for their wives to finish shopping.

Only in Asia (17)

8 – Cracking open a coconut has never been easier.

It’s not a Photoshop gimmick. Some coconuts are sold in this format to make it easier for customers to consume.

Only in Asia (4)

The three men in panda masks helped dismantle a criminal group in China and received compensation.

It’s one of the best ways you’ll see to hide someone’s identity.

Only in Asia (16)

10 – Helmets with furry ears? Why not?

It only happens in Asia (5)

11 – It is a public hot spring where any passerby can sit and rest their feet a little.

Only in Asia (15)

12 – In these places it is possible to appreciate the beauty of the sea while heeding the call of nature.

It only happens in Asia (6)

13 – It’s a normal day at an IKEA in China, a store specializing in selling furniture.

Only in Asia (14)

14 – In some public toilets in South Korea you can find this infographic to compare the color of your urine and check how well you are doing.

Only in Asia (7)

15 – Some public transport stops have heated seats.

Only in Asia (13)

16 – Asians usually practice morning exercises.

And some stretches are worthy of Jean Claude Van Damme.

Only in Asia (8)

17 – A hanging sakebayashi or sugidama.

This sphere called sugidama is hung outside a sake establishment to let everyone know that a new batch of alcohol has run out.

Only in Asia (12)

18 – Exclusive sandals to be used inside some bathrooms in Japan.

Only in Asia (9)

19 – In China it is perfectly possible to rent cell phone chargers.

Only in Asia (11)

20 – The perfect combination: cherry blossom potatoes.

Only in Asia (10)

21 – A group of farmers in China create paintings on a rice field.

22 – This is the method they use to lift heavy things up to the upper floors of a building.



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