What you can buy with a dollar around the world

A Dollar

Let’s see what we could buy with $1 in different countries around the world.

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In Greenland you can get enough for 1 liter of gasoline.

Shopping-Dollar-World (1)

In Venezuela, depending on the car, it could be enough to fill up a gas tank.

Shopping-Dollar-World (2)

In Zimbabwe you can buy a wide variety of products. In Harare, the popular market offers everything from clothes to food, all for a dollar.

Shopping-Dollar-World (3)

In Canada, it is possible to buy an organic apple for $1.

Shopping-Dollar-World (4)

In Haiti you can get four plates of rice.

Shopping-dollar-world (5)

In Belgium a box of chewing gum.

Shopping-dollar-world (6)

In Brazil, a cake with mortadella.

Shopping-Dollar-World (7)

In Australia you will be able to talk for one minute on a cell phone.

Shopping-Dollar-World (8)

While in Honduras you can go anywhere in the city.

Shopping-Dollar-World (10)

In the Italian city of Ganji you can rent a house for a day.

Shopping-Dollar-World (11)

In Finland you can use a public toilet.

Shopping-dollar-world (12)

In Denmark you can buy a Kinder maxi chocolate bar.

Shopping-dollar-world (13)

In Jordan, that’s enough for a can of Pepsi, a bag of crisps with air and, for dessert, a chocolate.

Shopping-dollar-world (14)

In Japan, it’s enough to buy an onigiri.

Shopping-Dollar-World (15)

In Indonesia you can send the rice balls down a tube and buy yourself a decent meal.

Shopping-dollar-world (16)

In China you can drink a bottle of local beer (with a terrible taste, by the way).

Shopping-Dollar-World (17)

In the Czech Republic, it’s enough to drink three jars of beer in a supermarket.

Shopping-dollar-world (18)

In the UK a snack of pickled quail egg.

Shopping-dollar-world (19)

In Vietnam, it’s enough for two dozen quail eggs.

Shopping-dollar-world (20)

In Egypt, you can gorge on six falafel sandwiches.

Shopping-dollar-world (21)

In Portugal you can have a cup of espresso.

Shopping-dollar-world (22)

In Switzerland, for a dollar you deserve a small slice of their prestigious cheese.

Shopping-dollar-world (23)

In Thailand, a Thai green curry with rice.

Shopping-Dollar-World (24)

In Kenya you can make 8 cabbage balls, 4 tomatoes and 4 onions.

Shopping-dollar-world (25)

In Ireland for a bag of chips.

Shopping-dollar-world (26)

In Nepal you can try a famous local dish.

Shopping-Dollar-World (27)

In Norway you can’t afford it at all.

Shopping-dollar-world (29)


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