How to pet your pet

To pet a cat correctly, you must have enormous experience, skill and dexterity. To develop this process, you must first learn the technique, master it and acquire a certain level of experience to execute it. And if you do it wrong, things can end up like this:

Cat throwing boy in Pool

And the most tragic thing is that each animal behaves differently, each species of pet seems to have specific areas where they like to be petted. Below, we present a series of illustrations that serve as a guide to know where to pet pets.


If you want to be safe with a cat, just pet its head and upper torso, forget about other areas, it can be dangerous.

Petting Pets (5)

Dogs are not very fond of having their tails petted (unlike other species):

Petting pets (3)

And it’s useless to try to pet a ghost dog, it just doesn’t work:

Petting pets (2)

Rabbits love to be petted on the ears.

Petting Pets (13)

With hedgehogs you should go little by little.

Petting Pets (14)

Yes, people raising a pig as a pet are rare, but they do exist. Here’s a map of their erogenous zones. Oink!

Petting Pets (15)

We just can’t play with snakes, those things are from the devil.

Petting Pets (8)

Fish are not very interested in being petted, they prefer you to feed them.

Petting Pets (10)

Petting a bear is okay, especially if you’re suicidal.

Petting Pets (11)

If you like weird things, you can try petting insects like bed bugs.

Petting pets (9)

Chinchillas are the Ned Flanders of the rodent world, they think it’s all great.

Petting Pets (1)

Horses, watch out for their hind thighs, you can get the knockout of your life.

Petting pets (4)

Unicorns are more accessible.

Petting Pets (12)

Wolverines don’t really like the idea of being petted.

Petting Pets (6)

Wolverine from the X-Men isn’t too keen on the idea either.

Petting pets (7)


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