19 Photos That Will Fool Your Vision In The Most Interesting Way

How often do you see the most diverse and bizarre shapes in everyday objects, starting with Hitler’s silhouette to Jack Nicholson’s unforgettable smile? Don’t worry, the universe isn’t conspiring against you. In fact, it is only an optical illusion, the old and unreliable pareidolia.

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At Marcianos we have compiled 19 images in which the most everyday objects are transformed into something more.


1 – These features are unmistakable: it’s the endearing Chewbacca.

Funny Pareidolias (1)

2 – Anyone would have their day brightened by meeting little groot on public transport. Adorable! 😘

Funny Pareidolias (2)

3 – Woody Harrelson doesn’t mean to offend you, but those slices will be quite familiar. 😂

Funny Pareidolias (3)

4 – This chair bears a strong resemblance to a famous British astrophysicist whose story served as material for a movie a few years ago.

Funny Pareidolias (4)

5 – This is fat or… a Stormtrooper 😱

Funny Pareidolias (5)

6 – Who could deny that this banana perfectly mimics Jack Nicholson’s smile. 😝

Funny Pareidolias (6)

7 – The persistent squirrel of the “Ice Age”.

Funny Pareidolias (7)

8 – Do you remember this exciting scene from the movie? Obviously someone can’t get it out of their heads.

Funny Pareidolias (8)

9 – These loaves seem very “lazy”.

Funny Pareidolias (9)

10 – Maybe it’s not to your liking, but you can’t deny that it’s identical to “bad hombres”.

Funny Pareidolias (10)

11 – The last place you’d expect to see Nemo’s shark is in a canyon.

Funny Pareidolias (11)

12 – If Princess Leia were a wicked armchair, she would look like that.

Funny Pareidolias (12)

13 – Hi Donatello, what about the others?

Funny Pareidolias (13)

14 – This teapot seems determined to conquer Poland.

Funny Pareidolias (14)

15 – It seemed like a simple roll-out of cinnamon until…

Funny Pareidolias (15)

16 – A little magic and a road cone becomes the Sorting Hat.

Funny Pareidolias (16)

17 – If you want to see Yoda…

Funny Pareidolias (17)

18 – Rafiki, from The Lion King, showed up in the backyard.

Funny Pareidolias (18)

19 – This field of flowers looks like a crowd of people at a music festival.

Funny Pareidolias (19)

Don’t tell me the latter didn’t blow your mind 😎



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