24 images where imagination makes you see what it is not

Humans possess a wonderful ability to spontaneously or intentionally generate certain images and ideas in our minds. It’s known as imagination and, as the following images will show you, it can be very funny and unexpected. The games of imagination are endless, take a look at these photographs and be amazed at how similar they are to other things.

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A little dirt on a windshield produces shade identical to a mountain range.

Mountain Range Dust Windshield

Sunlight, a windowsill, coffee beans and a camera with the right lens and angle. It’s like having the sea inside your own home.

Beach & Cafe

This cat whose coat patterns make it look like a cinnamon role.

Cinnamon Role Cat

Is it a fried chicken leg or a fat cat?

Fat cat looks like chicken legs

This island in Croatia has the appearance of a fingerprint.

Footprint Island

Snuggled dog that looks like a person’s huge, chubby face.

Fat Face Dog

This is the way a person would look in real life if they were taken out of a Picasso work.

Two-Sided Optical Illusion

“My daughter’s colleague and my hair mannequin have identical hair.”

Identical hair

“At first I thought someone had forgotten these signs on the street and they had been folded.”

Book Bench

A man who begins to disappear from reality.

Man fades away

It’s not a pile of stacked cassettes, it’s a parking lot for tour buses transporting people to Mecca.

Buses in Mecca

This man is holding a basketball covered with “vantabluek,” an extremely black coating capable of absorbing the most light. In effect, it seems like a portal to another world.

Dark Black Hole Ball

Under this faucet an ice cobra formed.

Ice Cobra

This little shrub looks quite insolent.

Castroso shrub

This house seems surprised that its nose has lit up.

Surprised House

A Brussels cabbage with the appearance of a small alien that looks very boring.

Boring Brusselsela Cabbage

An aerosolized insecticide whose lid looks like the protagonist of “Finding Nemo.”

Spray Looking for Nemo

Imagine that during the night someone decides to kick this broken watermelon.

Cement watermelon

A child seat hidden behind a door that seems to judge everyone.

Baby Carrier Judging You

A cloud of dust that looks like a couple in love embracing.

Hug Cloud Dust Volcano

The deep scratch on the paint of a car that looks like a spectacular and romantic view of a city at night.

Rayon Landscape

“It took me a long time to understand why this man was digging a hole in a pile of snow.”

Man in the Snow

“My photograph of a pizza looks like a video.”

Pizza Video Play

“I hope I don’t have to run into this at 3 a.m. in the hotel hallway.”

Ghost in the hallway


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