What Happens When You Put Extreme Pressure on Your Body

Extreme pressure on the body is always deadly and in some of the cases cause person to pass out. Lifting weight is good for health but putting extreme pressure and lifting heavy weight out of limit could go in negative way. You should know what exactly happens in your body while lifting weight in gym or any other place to avoid the risks involved in it.

Lifting heavy weight

By taking an example of person in this popular clip, where a man lifted too much weight. But what happened after that?, that man passes out and the question is, why that guy passes out after lifting the weight?

If you look at the body structure, heart is the gateway of blood passing through the veins that could work in limited frequencies which is called heart beats. Heart takes the blood and pump it to the veins. But what if suddenly veins got completely empty out of blood. In this case heart has to pump more and more blood in the whole body and then heart got empty out of blood and has no more blood to pump.

And, that’s the case with that guy when he lifted too heavy weight which cause veins to compress and squeeze out of blood and heart pumps more blood to body and has not left with enough oxygenated blood. When heart pumps out all blood to the empty veins then heart has not left with enough oxygenated blood and person would not be able to breath and passes out. Well, that guy was recovered with injured chin.

Heart is responsible for circulating blood and oxygen to different parts of the body. It works like a pump taking and pumping blood from and to the body. On an average the heart beat of a normal person is 72 beats per minute while at rest and may vary in different ages. And in case it increases to extreme level that cause heart to pump faster than normal 72 beats per minute and it fails to pump more oxygen to blood.

That’s why, it’s always good to warm up your body before lifting the weight and lift the reasonable weight that your body can challenge specially if you are a beginner. Though there is not an ideal scale of how much one should lift, it depends on person to person.

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