6 Best AI Apps to Create Free Images and Get Things Done

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of this technological revolution, enhancing productivity, and simplifying complex tasks, it is not just an advantage – it’s a necessity. From language models that can generate human-like text to image recognition systems that can identify objects with incredible accuracy, these free AI web apps are poised to change the way we work, create, and interact with technology.

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Considering the likelihood that artificial intelligence will increasingly automate various jobs in the near future, it’s fortunate that these AI web and mobile applications are available to the public at no cost.


ChatGPT, the renowned large language model (LLM), excels at answering questions, summarizing text, or engaging in conversation when you’re feeling down. However, it’s essential to note that LLMs essentially function as advanced autocomplete tools, and the free version of ChatGPT may not possess the most up-to-date knowledge. Consequently, it often provides confident responses that may be incorrect, so it’s advisable not to rely on its output without verification.

Free / Available on iOS and web


Initially resembling ChatGPT, Perplexity allows you to pose questions, request information, or generate text on your behalf. While it occasionally delivers impressive results, it can also produce flawed output due to the inherent limitations of these systems, which lack true intelligence. However, Perplexity offers a unique advantage, it can access the internet to provide sources for the information it presents, making it useful for fact-checking.

Free / Available on Android, iOS and web


Once known for its eccentric behavior as “Sydney,” the AI-powered Bing has since been tamed. It may have lost some of its quirkiness but remains a valuable tool for content generation and accessing accurate facts and information through natural and conversational interactions.

Free / Available on Android, iOS, and web


Currently in an experimental phase, AgentGPT caters to users who prefer not to refine input prompts. Assign it a project to explore, and it will autonomously define and complete tasks related to that project. While the free version may not handle complex tasks thoroughly, it can provide useful task lists, particularly for endeavors like planning summer trips, without requiring extensive user input.

Free / Available on web


High-quality AI image generators are often behind paywalls, but free options have become quite impressive. Craiyon is among the friendliest online variants. Simply input a prompt, select a style, and within a minute, you’ll receive a downloadable image (or, if you wish, one you can print on a T-shirt). Craiyon even suggests your next prompt, adjusting your words to improve your chances of obtaining a satisfactory result.

Free / Available on Android and web


Dreamer, an app associated with the Text-to-image model Stable Diffusion, offers a streamlined way to interact with this model. In our tests, Dreamer outperformed other options for whimsical (and sometimes silly) prompts. While creating an image may require watching an advertisement, it’s a minor inconvenience since generative AIs typically take longer to generate an image than the duration of an ad.

Free / Available on Android and iOS



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