Studies Shows Brain-Computer Interface will be The Next Big Thing

Our brain is a marvel and the most complex part of our body, nothing works without brain. It’s the central processing unit of our body which control each and every move we take. But, what happened if it could be hacked, if it could be controlled and programmed to do what a brain hacker wanted to do. There’re other such questions which enthusiasts us to learn the complexity and vulnerability of brain.

brain-computer interface

But, the one simple answer to these questions is that brain can actually be hacked or programmed the way one want it to. But how it is possible to hack such a complex structure of our body. Well lets understand some of the amazing facts about the complexity and vulnerability of brain.

Brain is a complex system of neurons which make the infrastructure of the brain. Even brain could be hacked to kill someone. Brain could be controlled or subjected in many ways. By sending sound signals directly into brain, by laser light or attaching brain directly to computer.

Scientists are continuously researching on connecting the brain to computer and brain-computer interface will soon comes into action and let brain to be controlled by computer which is actually controlling our body. Researchers at University of Washington make it possible to send brain signals over the internet and successfully tested direct brain-to-brain interface. Where one researcher send signal to fellow researcher to press the fire button on keyboard.

How Brain Machine Interface will be a Reality?

Brain works on electrical signals and that’s what scientists take into account and connect brain to electrical pulses which are actually a part of our brain. No matter brain is the most complex structure of our body but it’s also the most vulnerable part of whole body system.

Brain is the only part of body with which whole body is controlled by and if it can be controlled and then people could hack into and make anyone to do what they want.

Scientists are studying the method of sending the signal to brain through laser light which could be pointed to parts of the brain to control the body or nature of a person. And its not too far when people play video games into their brain realising the full experience of natural world in virtual reality. Its like a virtual world in reality.

And, light effects on brain has been successfully tested on rats where electrodes attached to rat’s cortex successfully control the movement of rat. What allows light to control brain are neurons and brain cells, which act as solar cell and convert light into electrical signals. This really opens the doors of brain-machine interface.

On the other side mind reading techniques let us control devices from far distance apart or usually helpful for physically disabled and other such individuals who are unable to control or move devices with their physical strengths and is a life saving innovation. Emotiv EPOC is a kind of mind reading technology which senses the brain signals and produce electrical signals and let directly control devices just by thinking.

Even blind people will see the world without their eyes by which they will not realise that they don’t have eyes. Researchers are studying and testing the technology by directly attaching to the brain’s vision cortex where camera attached through computer stream images directly to the brain’s vision center. This means one day we might see the world of infrared, have x-ray vision or plug video games straight into the brain. We might see the world what we have been blind to. As we will see through night vision lenses, infrared cameras and x-ray vision too.

Brain-computer interface will really open the doors to innovative and more sophisticated civilization.



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