German Circus that Replaces Real Animals with Holograms

With an investment of approximately US$ 500,000, the circus’s presentations were transformed into a futuristic show totally free of animal cruelty. The Roncalli Circus in Germany proves that it is possible to maintain circus traditions without resorting to the barbaric acts of the past. In an effort to maintain the traditional animal presentations, the modern show features horses, elephants and even a giant fish using holograms and 3D technology.

Circus Hologram Elephant

The Roncalli Circus began performing in Germany in 1976 but, since the 1990s, it has gradually eliminated acts with animals. Since last year, the company has been completely free of animals in the presentations, opting for holographic presentations that attendees can appreciate from anywhere in the box. Ironically, the futuristic spectacle allows the circus to retain its traditional essence.

Achieving holographic representations of these animals requires 11 projectors strategically placed in the auditorium. In addition, the circus had to hire a team of software engineers and designers to shape the presentations. According to Bernhard Paul, owner and founder of the Roncalli Circus, the investment reached 500 thousand euros and has been totally worth it.

Many of the events are only possible thanks to technology. We are not used to visiting a circus to see translucent horses, elephants doing acrobatics or giant fish “floating” in the air. The circus also uses various special effects to illustrate the stories told during the performances.

Innovate or die.

With the emergence of new technologies aimed at entertainment, the popularity of circus art plummeted. And the constant complaints about animal abuse didn’t help at all. In fact, the image of circuses around the world was badly damaged. In addition, they stopped using wild animals due to high maintenance costs.

Paul says that in 2016, when the Roncalli circus still employed several animals for the acts, the mere transfer between one city and another could cost up to 80 thousand euros.

In Germany, the Roncalli circus’s proposal is welcomed by both its customers and animal rights activists.



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