15 Fun Facts About Everyday Life in South Korea

In addition to exporting K-Pop groups as if they had a factory of plastic singers, South Korea is famous for its anti-aging products, and appearance is very important in the day to day. But, the qualities of this country do not stop there because they have certain customs that are somewhat unusual for those of the West.

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South Korea Fun facts

1 – Many establishments where food is sold have small stoves in the center of the table, where the waiter or customer can cook their food (usually meat).

Fun facts about South Korea

2 – Ordering takeaway means that the customer receives a juicy discount in almost all restaurants.

Facts about South Korea

3 – These glasses for lazy individuals have become popular among South Koreans. They allow the user to read or watch TV while lying down.

South Korea Fun Facts

4 – A good presentation is very important in this culture, so carrying a pocket stain remover can be a good idea.

South Korea Facts

5 – Details make a difference, even in a cupcake.

Interesting facts about South Korea

6 – The image that the police are trying to convey is that of a friendly and trustworthy institution.

Facts about South Korea

7 – What looks like a vending machine is, in fact, the front door to a café.

South Korea Fun Facts

8 – Faced with the torment of wearing pointed-toe shoes throughout the working day, these socks offer some rest.

Fun Facts about South Korea

9 – Cotton candy is much more than a ball stuck on a wooden stick.

Facts about South Korea

10 – A good toilet in South Korea has a heater, bidet, and drying function.

Interesting facts about South Korea

11 – Koreans usually prefer scissors over the knife or any other utensil when cutting meats and other foods.

Fun Facts about South Korea

12 – It is a rule that urinals have divider panels.

Interesting South Korea

13 – Some parking lots use soft signposts, so that if a mishap occurs, the car is not damaged.

Best things in South Korea

14 – McDonald’s in South Korea sells hamburgers with shrimp, eggs and a typical Korean dish called bulgogi. Corn snacks are also plentiful.

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