20 Perfect Examples of Fun Facts, But Useless

We know that these collections of curious, but useless, data are missed. So, here’s a new piece of information that might come in handy in the most boring conversation of your life.


Fun but useless facts

Two independent groups of researchers concluded that promoting random people to management is more effective than standard promotion based on merit and experience.

While playing Dr. House in the series of the same name, actor Hugh Laurie developed a real limp while acting out that he suffered from one.

Modena Han Solo from Beach Australia

In 2016, the Royal Australian Mint (sole producer of all coins circulating in Australia) made a 1-ounce silver coin called “Han Solo frozen in carbonite”.

Machu Picchu, the legendary Inca city, was built just 50 years before Christopher Columbus set sail to find the New World.

Women Tajikistan

In Tajikistan, unibrow women are considered very attractive. In fact, those ladies who weren’t blessed with hair between their eyes often fake it with makeup.

In Los Angeles, 2 out of 10 high-speed chases end with the offender running away from the police and getting away with it.

Ruth Graves Wakefield

Carl Sagan was once asked to mediate a disagreement between Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke over the appearance of aliens at the end of 2001: A Space OdysseySagan recommended that they not show them at all.

Did you know that Ruth Graves Wakefield is the inventor of chocolate chip cookies? This woman sold her idea to Nestlé in exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolate.

AOL 40

In Medellín, Colombia, a man has died after a parasitic worm in his stomach contracted cancer.

In 1998, when AOL 4.0 was released, the company used the entire record production capacity of the world for several weeks.


In North America, only two deaths have been attributed to wolf attacks so far in the 21st century.

Tomatoes are among the few crops that can grow and thrive in soils similar to that of Mars.

A Tiger's Tongue

A tiger’s tongue is so thick that it can lick flesh to the bone.

Male tennis players use a different ball than women.


In 2012, a medical team had to remove a woman’s stomach after she swallowed a drink of liquid nitrogen. The bar that served the drink in England was sued for 100,000 euros.

Instead of blood, starfish possess filtered seawater inside their bodies.

Panama Canal

London regained its pre-World War II population density until 2015.

The average toll to pass through the Panama Canal is $54,000.

Classic Solitaire Windows 10

In 2003, the U.S. invasion of Iraq was called “Operation Iraqi Liberation.” Faced with the formation of the acronym “OIL”, the government changed the name to “Operation Iraqi Freedom“.

Microsoft’s Solitaire game was developed by Wes Cherry, a summer practitioner. Although it’s one of the most widely used Windows apps of all time, Cherry didn’t receive a single royalty for her work.



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