It’s not a parallel world, it’s Japan

“Exceptional” would be the term that would best define Japan, a nation of incredible inventions, rich culture, intelligent people, educated citizens, among other qualities. But there is a side of Japan that very few outside people know about, with characteristics that seem to place it in a kind of alternate reality far away from us. The images that you will see below will surely make you want to go and live with the Japanese.

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1 – During a protest, bus drivers in Japan did not stop their buses, let alone block roads, but continued to run their routes without charging passengers.

Fun Things in Japan (10)

Obviously, the idea was to keep the Japanese arriving on time while affecting the companies with the cost of fuel.

2 – In Japan, canned beverages come with the name of the product written in braille on the top of the package.

Fun Things in Japan (1)

3 – On most Japanese toilets, attached to the bidets, there is a button that allows the user to play water sounds so that they can relieve themselves without fear of being heard by other people.

Fun Things in Japan (16)

4 – These baby seats are usually present in many of the Japanese bathrooms.

Fun Things in Japan (3)

5 – Subway riders in Tokyo push a carriage to rescue a woman who was trapped between the train and the platform.

Fun Things in Japan (11)

6 – This is what the food they serve in some hospitals in Japan looks like.

Fun Things in Japan (2)

7 – In the lobby of some buildings in Japan you will find these umbrella organizers, where anyone can leave their own without fear of being taken away.

Fun Things in Japan (14)

8 – This note reads: “I accidentally hit your bike and broke the bell. I’m sorry.”

Fun Things in Japan (8)

9 – These public toilets in Japan have a panel at the entrance where they indicate the free and occupied cubicles.

Fun Things in Japan (17)

10 – This toilet tank also doubles as a sink that recycles water for use in the next flush.

Curious Things in Japan (9)

11 – In Japan, the products they sell you are true to the look and feel they promote.

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12 – Most educational institutions in Japan do not have a custodial service, so students take care of cleaning as a way to show gratitude for learning.

Fun Things in Japan (20)

13 – Inside this jar of chewing gum you can find small pieces of paper to wrap the gum once finished.

Fun Things in Japan (5)

14 – It happened at the 2014 World Cup: a group of Japanese citizens stayed at the stadium to pick up the fans’ garbage.

Fun Things in Japan (12)

15 – In this shopping mall in Japan, you can find refrigerated lockers to store frozen perishable products while shopping.

Fun Things in Japan (18)

16 – “I forgot my shopping bag on a street in Osaka and when I returned to get it later that day, someone had left it untouched next to a tree.”

Fun Things in Japan (13)

17 – At Tokyo’s Narita International Airport, customers can grab a free origami figurine from the counter.

Fun Things in Japan (19)

18 – That’s how comfortable it is to ride Japan’s bullet train.

Fun Things in Japan (7)

19 – It’s not uncommon to find koi fish living in the drainage canals on the streets of Japan.

Fun Things in Japan (6)

20 – Manhole covers in Japan are authentic pieces of art.

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