10 Facts About Rabbit Behavior

Who in their entire life has not had a rabbit as a pet or has wanted at least one. If you’re considering adopting one or already have a furry rabbit at home, you’ll either reaffirm the 10 facts we’ve compiled for you or think again about the decision to adopt and love a cute bunny.

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1. Their little noses are totally mesmerizing when they sniff

Rabbit Facts - Nose GIF

2. Sometimes they need time to meet alone

Rabbit Facts - Meeting

3. There’s nothing cuter than a bunny eating like this

Rabbit Facts - Cute bunny eating banana

4. His jumps are awesome… Sometimes

Rabbit Facts - Little bunny jump

5. Rabbits are always ready to help you in the garden

Rabbit Facts - In the garden

6. They can be quite affectionate, contrary to what many think

Rabbit Facts - With cat

7. They know how to amplify their cuteness and cuteness when they need it most

Rabbit Facts

8. But behind those angelic eyes, there’s a little mischief that gives them away

Interesting Rabbit Facts

9. Something about his fur that’s warm and so soft you can’t stop touching it

Rabbit Facts - Rabbit Fur

10. You’ll never find a friend as loving and elusive as a little companion

Rabbit Facts - Friendly bunnies

11. Even if they kill your garden and furniture, they’re great

Rabbit Facts - In the snow


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