20 Flight and Airport Tricks/Hacks Only Experts Know About

When you’re not used to flying or you’re a newbie, you can make a lot of mistakes and waste time and money. That’s why we’re showing you some of the tricks that only experts know, so you’ll act like a mastonyour next trip.

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1. Wear warm, comfortable clothes, especially if it’s a long flight

Slippers in flight

2. If you have a fear of flying, you can take your pet with you

Puppy with man on the plane

You need to carry a certificate from a psychologist specifying that you need emotional support (ESA); You must submit the application before taking your flight.

3. If you’re flying with kids, bring a tablet or toys to keep them from getting bored

Child with tablet at airport

4. Airports have free Wi-Fi everywhere


On this website you can find the passwords to hundreds of airport internet networks around the world.

5. It’s cheaper to travel at night and planes are less crowded

Night Flight Window

6. Some airports offer escort service for the elderly, disabled, and children

Airport escort service

7. For layovers of more than 8 hours, many airports offer a free hotel room

Hotel Room

8. Many airports have bars or amusement parks

Brewery in German airport

The one in Munich, Germany, has its own craft brewery.

9. You can get free headphones and chargers at the Lost Stuff Warehouse

Headphones, suitcase and shoes

10. This website can help you find the best seats

Good seat on plane

This site will help you find the perfect place for you based on the features you require. If you want a lot of space, it is best to choose the seats near the emergency exit, it is also convenient if you go to the bathroom a lot, as they are close to the toilets.

11. Empty your hygiene products into small bottles so you don’t overload your bags

Sample Bottles vs Original Size

12. Make sure your suitcases look “feminine” or “thin”

Luggage at the airport

Since they pay special attention to those of this type, since expensive suitcases usually carry valuable and fragile objects.

13. If you’re overweight in your suitcase, ask to share luggage with someone traveling light

Luggage Arrangement

14. Eat at the places employees eat to save money

Airport Lunch

15. If you like comfort, buy a ticket to the airport lounge

Guy in airport lounge

It is somewhat expensive, costing between 30 and 50 euros, however, food, drinks and comfort are integrated. It’s perfect for being at ease during boring layovers.



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