18 Life Hacks Sponsored by Lazy People

They accuse laziness of being the mother of all vices, and they may be right. But, many of those we consider lazy have a natural talent for invention and the use of resources. They’re so willing to keep procrastinating, they came up with amazing ways to deal with the most basic tasks in everyday life. Here are some life hacks from the laziest people surfing the Internet. Feel free to use them the next time laziness takes over your life.

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With a simple climbing carabiner you can carry all your grocery bags in one go.

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If you’re going to take a hot bath, take the opportunity to iron your clothes by hanging them near the shower.

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Did you know this secret technique for washing a blender?

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If you don’t have a napkin handy, cat fur is a good option for cleaning your hands. Either way, the michi will be cleaned afterwards.

Sleeping cat

Why use knives if a dental floss can get you out of trouble.

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It’s easier to put tape over the holes and mark them. But, if you’re too lazy, you can photocopy the device you’re going to hang and use it as a template to make the holes in the wall.

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If you’re shoveling snow, you can use cooking spray to coat the shovel. It will hardly be difficult for the snow to stick to the metal.

PAM oil

If you get a pimple on your face, cover it with eyeliner to make it look like a mole.

Mole on the face

If you don’t intend to spend on pillowcases, you can use an old t-shirt as a substitute.

T-shirt pillow covers

Fat trick: Use a section of the cookie package to store milk or coffee.

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Tricks for extremely lazy women: Only shave those areas of the legs that will be visible with ripped jeans.

ripped jeans

Make the most of the space in an oven by arranging the pizza in this way. The downside would be getting the cooking trays.

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If your plant needs constant water, forget about watering them with this bottle-based drip system.

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When you’re lazy, there’s not much difference between a mop and a sock.

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Not bad, especially if you’re too lazy to put the soup in the microwave.

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Finally, something really useful for babies crawling around the house.

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If you’re too lazy to iron, toss wrinkled clothes in the dryer with a damp hand towel for five minutes.

Drying Machine

If you’re lazy and need fewer excuses to go out and work out in the morning, sleep with your gym clothes on.


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