12 Fascinating Optical Illusions That Will Make You Doubt What You See

You’d better see twice, as these fascinating optical illusions will make you doubt everything you perceive with your eyes. Although you’ll end up a little dizzy, by the time you get to the end of this post you’ll understand how incredibly susceptible we are to misinterpretation in the environment. Ready? Here we go.

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Fascinating Optical Illusions

Let’s start with a classic animation: does the train come or go?

Optical Train Illusion

Flash? Try counting the blackheads… or are they white?

Optical illusion of black and white dots

Above this shelf is a yellow marble. How many do you see at the bottom?

Optical Illusion Bottom Shelf

If you move the image up and down, it will look like something is moving. Can you tell it apart?

Butterfly Optical Illusion

A beautiful optical illusion.

Look at the red dot on this woman’s nose for 30 seconds. Then look away at a wall, ceiling any clear surface and blink rapidly.

Woman in negative optical illusion

Is the figure standing or lying down?

Dice lying down or standing

Let’s color.

Look at the center point of the image above for one minute. Then, look at the center point of the second image.

Focus on the image (2)
Focus on the image (1)

What color is the background, black or white?

Crosses Moving Optical Illusion in the Background

Make the image disappear.

If you focus long enough on the next image, without blinking or looking away, it will eventually disappear.

image that disappears as you watch it

No, the head is not turning. In fact, there isn’t even a head.

Head Spinning Optical Illusion

Let’s see if you can quickly find your way through this shifting labyrinth.

Moving Labyrinth

Can you see the goose?

The artist who designed this image hid a goose in it. Can you tell it apart?

Goose Hidden in Painting


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