20 Things We’re Sure You’ll Regret When You’re Old

When we are young we don’t appreciate the moments so much, rather we dedicate ourselves to living them no matter what teaching they may leave us or which people will not be with us again, and we only worry about having a good time.

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But there will always be things in which we are not going to be totally satisfied and with disgust, with fear to do or what others will say, due to lack of money or time, and in the worst case it will give us a feeling of regret when we are older.

Get ready, be mindful and don’t repeat these things that you may regret when you’re old.


1. Not trying hard enough in school

Boy touching his head

2. Having a job you hate

Man pointing to his head

3. Never Saying What You Thought and Felt

Person screaming

4. Try to please everyone

Smile on paper

5. Not Learning a Musical Instrument

Baby Playing Piano

6. Not learning a new language

Boy with glasses and red bow

7. Not traveling when you had the chance


8. Saving without taking your money

Man holding briefcase with money

9. Never Volunteering at Something

Man in red jacket carrying child

10. Don’t have chats with your parents from time to time

Father and son in zules shirt

11. Being afraid of everything

Woman hiding in the sheets

12. Not daring to live your sins

Boy wanting to fly

13. Never getting a tattoo

Senior gentleman with tattoos

14. Not appreciating sunsets

Sunset in the city

15. Holding a grudge against a loved one

Two people at sunset

16. Never Going to a Concert of Your Favorite Artist

People in Concert

17. Believing You’re Not Beautiful Enough

Woman touching her face

18. Don’t you dare tell him you liked him

Letter Paper

19. Never bungee jumping or parachuting

Jump into a lake

20. Don’t ask your grandparents questions about the past

Elderly lady surprised by her husband




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