Couples who fight a lot do so because they really love each other; Scientists say

Having small arguments a week prevents louder fights and makes relationships stronger and more stable over time, according to a study.

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Almost half of the couples who participated believe that arguing helps to keep the relationship healthy and productive, as it clears up misunderstandings before they become serious.


Sign of a mature relationship

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Avoiding conflict is not a good way to build a strong relationship. On the contrary, it is necessary to express one’s opinions clearly and not to hold grudges. But this doesn’t mean that they yell at each other or insult each other, mature people argue calmly, laying out their arguments.

You only argue about what matters to you

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Couples argue because they are committed to their relationship. It’s important to remember that even if you dislike some of your partner’s habits, you can’t change people or make everything in the relationship go according to your desires. It’s good to come to a mutual agreement.

Arguing Facilitates Communication

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They should not remain silent, it is necessary to talk about their feelings and listen with an open mind.

Arguing is a way of communicating totally honestly, openly, which helps to express feelings in a pure way. If the couple learns to argue in a civilized way, then the connection between them will intensify.

In a Healthy Relationship There Are Arguments

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According to psychology, there are seven key points to maintaining a healthy relationship, and arguing is one of them.

Arguments help partners reconsider their feelings, opinions, and values. The important thing is to reason without raising your voice or fighting.

The connection between the couple is strengthened

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The important thing is not to win or lose in arguments, but to learn more about the couple.

Conflicts help both of you reveal your true personality, if the problems are overcome, then it is certain that the relationship will become stronger.

Alleviates resentments

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People who don’t express their feelings begin to hold grudges against their partners, so it’s best to let out concerns, complaints, and opinions at the right times and thus avoid developing an unhealthy relationship.

Couples who argue stay together

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Avoiding problems is a mistake that inevitably leads to breakup, that’s why it’s best to maintain healthy communication which is the essence of a stable and lasting love.

While you might think that discussing sensitive topics is bad for the relationship, the truth is that it’s for the best. It has been proven that couples who argue stay together for a longer period of time than those who do not.




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