How to recognize an interested person

During our lifetime, we will encounter many fake people, we will even lack fingers on our hands to describe the interested people who marked our history. Almost all of us have already been victimized by someone interested. When we discover falsehood, we always try to find an answer to our innocence to the point of trusting someone dominated by envy.


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Interested people are usually frustrated professionally, financially, and even sexually. Many of these people behave like friends just out of self-interest and at the moment when we need them most, they just disappear. That’s why it’s essential to analyze the extent to which your friends are being authentic or if they’re just looking for your friendship out of interest.

Many times we wonder if the person we trust is really with us out of love or if there is some intrinsic interest behind that love. Interested people are prejudiced and calculating, fighting tooth and nail for what they want. So, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at these signs to recognize an interested person.

A person can have many interests: money, success, a good job, among others. Therefore, if someone starts asking too many questions about a certain issue in your life, be alert, as they might be interested in that. For example, if he asks, “What do you do, your house is nice, how many cars do you have?” and things like that, keep an eye out, because your money is much more interesting than you are.

Stakeholders know a lot about you, as they spend a large part of their day researching your life. So, if someone proves to know a lot about you, it’s best to stay away, as you could be dealing with a leech.

Generally, in public, interested people are adorable, friendly and extroverted, because they need to set up all this theater to get closer to the person of their interest. That being the case, don’t give too much confidence to someone who, from one moment to the next, shows you a smile.

The role of the interested party is to find a naïve person, at least enough to serve as a ladder to get where he wants. So he uses his superiors to become a boss, his girlfriend to get rich, the smart student to get through the year, the attractive friend to get women, and so on. For this he requires being a cold, calculating and unfeeling person, who does not worry about the people he drags along his way, as long as he reaches his goal. Then, after reaching for it, it simply discards the person it used, as if it were any other object.

Some characteristics of the people concerned.

Envy and Interest
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1 – Always destroy what you do: when asked if he liked something you made or bought, he looks everywhere and goes all over the place, coveting your purchase.

2 – Doesn’t smile when you celebrate something: This person tends to get discouraged when you celebrate an accomplishment. Achievement always comes with a handshake and not a hug.

3 – Always doubt your conquests: when he hears about a personal or professional conquest, he does this aggressively.

4 – Phone several times: call several times, leave messages in your e-mail and call to chat all the time, with an unusual insistence.

5 – Changes behavior: Usually when you acquire something and he doesn’t, he changes his behavior. In general, the person goes from agreeable to unbearable excessively.

Interested people are present in most of the environments we frequent every day. You need to identify the signs that a person is interested in order to learn how to deal with it. It is also necessary to distance yourself as much as possible from this type of person, in the end, the only thing it can do is bring us problems.



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