Women love money

No, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) this article is not a joke. It is based on scientific research that proves what has been said about women for centuries, that they love money.

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Heart Money

Science began to show interest in knowing what women really want in a relationship. And the results aren’t pretty if you’re one of those who don’t have a penny in your pocket.

Logically, it is important to note that, although this is scientific research, the same experiments are dependent on human subjectivity, so they do not apply to all women, the results being considered more as a trend than as a test. That is to say, between a pauper and a handsome and charismatic rich man, the tendency always oscillates towards the rich, despite the fact that the latter is annoying, annoying and arrogant.

5. Until money do us part.

A survey conducted by Forbes Woman in collaboration with the American site Yourtango found that 75% of women do not marry a man who does not have a job. The site’s CEO and founder, Andrea Miller, said there are women who consider monetary and emotional stability fundamentally romantic for the future. Therefore, we can consider that research shows that money is the determining factor for women when it comes to romantic relationships.

Lack of money creates resentment, unemployment can create problems in the relationship. Before getting involved in a lifelong commitment, many women want to feel confident about what the partner can bring to the table,” she said.

Even though having a job is important, 91% of single women say that love is more important than money when it comes to getting married. Meghan Casserly of Forbes Woman points out how ironic women are in giving more weight to love than money, when they flatly refuse to marry an unemployed person.

Having a job can contribute to the longevity of the relationship, and the research results show how important having a profession is to romance,” she said.

Other findings from the survey:

  • 32% of women earn more than their engaged partners.
  • Forty-one percent of those engaged said they would not marry someone with significantly lower wages than their own.
  • 55% of women would abandon their career to care for children if their partners asked them to, but 28% would ask the same of their partner.
  • 42% of women use the extra time they have to take care of themselves.
  • 77% of the women surveyed believe that they can carry out a family life, a relationship and have a successful career.

Married vs single.

  • 59% of married women would abandon their career to be a stay-at-home mom, while only 19% of single women would do the same.
  • 69% of married women would retire from the profession to help their husband’s career, compared to 59% of single women who would do the same.
  • 58% of married women would leave work to care for children, compared to 53% of single women.
  • Not all women live a dream: 47% of them would like to work less and single women often find that their career interferes with their love life, with 43% of them thinking that the profession negatively affects the search for a partner, compared to 36% of those engaged who believe that work can be an issue in the relationship.
  • The older a woman is, the less likely she is to join someone who has a lower salary than hers, according to the survey. Those over the age of 35 are also more likely to abandon a career to babysit or help their partner. In addition, 36% of young women said their husband’s career reputation is important, compared to only 18% of those over 35 who think the same.

4. Grainy fat?… Only if you’re rich.

Are you a fat, grainy nerd who doesn’t have too much experience with women? Aren’t there many options in your contacts, except for that girl who came with her friend during the weekly meeting to play an RPG? Don’t worry, everything has a solution… and best of all, you don’t even need to go to the GYM or go on a radical diet. You can be chubby, nerdy and have a delicious bacon flavor and still have plenty of women at your feet, begging for your love, you just BE RICH!

A study conducted by Columbia University, USA, found that women don’t care if men get fat, as long as at the same time, they also fatten their bank account. The information was reported by the Daily Mail site in 2010.

Economist Pierre-Andre Chiappori found that for every 10% increase in body mass index, men must increase their wages by 2%. Whereas women can compensate for weight gain by becoming more educated.

Despite working to find a formula for how much extra money a man has to make, or how much more educated women should be, Chiappori said there’s an easier solution: “It’s easier to change your body mass index than it is to change your salary or your level of education.”

3. Woman prefers: Thin and rich men, very rich!

Neymar & Brad Pitt

Our friend Pierre didn’t stop there. Chiappori also found in his study that the female preference, and also the male one, is thin people…. and rich!

Male preference was confirmed through the participants’ responses as a response to the currently established social standards of beauty regarding the choice of thinness and wealth for the independence they entail. Therefore, men have a preference for slim and independent women.

In relation to women, it was found that the preference for physical appearance follows a similar explanation to that of men, however, in wealth, the research found that there was a difference. The women opted for a rich man because, according to them, they provide security. Simply put, they prefer the rich man because he can bring comfort and stability without her having to make any effort to reach them. A sad story considering the gigantic struggle through the centuries that certain warrior women face to obtain the right to work and have independence.

2. You don’t need to be good in bed… Pleasure comes from money.

What may seem absurd, a stimulus in women (and much worse for men), now has a scientific basis, a group of British researchers from the University of Newcastle found that men considered rich by their partners provide more pleasure to women during sex.

According to the BBC, the survey revealed that a woman’s perception of the level of wealth affects her ability to climax, and pleasure would be greater in relationships with men with higher incomes. In short, the richer the person, the greater the tendency to have a multiple climax. I don’t know if this is true, but women love expensive gifts, jewelry and perfumes (the expression of them when they receive a “gift” from these is very similar to a climax), it is indisputable. Feminists should say no, they are more concerned with character… Cof Cof, it seems that science doesn’t agree, doesn’t it?

Now, he has an explanation: That’s Darwin’s fault (as always). In fact, much of the defects of human character are attributed to evolution.

The authors believe that this result is conditioned by an “evolutionary adaptation” that causes women to instinctively select partners based on their perception of quality. This means that you choose the one who would ultimately be able to provide the best support to your children.

Thomas Pollet and Daniel Ortiga used information from a Chinese investigation containing the largest database ever compiled of lifestyle, health and family. According to this research, personal information and details about the sex lives of more than 5,000 people in various parts of China, based on interviews and questionnaires, illustrate the proposition.

Among the 1,534 women with husbands or boyfriends who responded to the survey, 121 of them said they always have orgasms during sex, 408 reported having orgasms frequently, 762 had orgasms “sometimes” and 243 rarely had orgasms. These results follow a similar pattern to that seen in Western countries, according to the study authors.

Among the factors identified as influences on women’s reported frequency of orgasms, the couple’s wealth was the most important, the researchers said.

The result of the search appears consistent with the idea that the female orgasm evolved from an evolutionary function,” says psychologist Thomas Pollet, one of the authors of the study, published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour.

Orgasm is used to choose between men based on its quality. Therefore, it should be more prevalent in women united with high-quality males. The more desirable men lead women to have more orgasms,” Pollet said. According to Pollet, the influence of income level on orgasm frequency seems to be even greater than other factors such as body symmetry and attractiveness, previous studies have shown this, i.e. you can be ugly, boring, talk nonsense, rude etc. But if you own an American Express Black Centurion, the world is in your hands. You can be Nacho Vidal himself.

1. Women like gas.

Cars are surprisingly another factor in which women judge men. Researchers from Austria have shown that women can actually change their perception of a man based on the car he drives. The researchers said women prefer cars that demonstrate dominance and power. The difference between men and women is that men prioritize physical attractiveness, but women prioritize status.

Jennyfer Castro, also a student at Rider University, believes that the man driving a car correlates with one more characteristic of his status. “A car defines what a man is like, for example, my boyfriend now drives a Subaru Station Wagon, those vans are mostly for seniors, and he’s only 25,” Castro said. “I should be driving a Mustang, or maybe a sports car. It’s very responsible and station wagon means responsibility, parents probably drive vans.”

BONUS: PMS is a vile excuse.

Angry Woman

Please, man who every month is subjugated by this evil, pay close attention to this bond. Yes, at last, someone moved and turned the tide in favor of the truth: the SPM can no longer be used as an excuse to be haughty.

A survey conducted exclusively by psychologists and psychiatrists at the University of Toronto, Canada, analyzed 41 studies on PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and dozens of other articles on the subject.

And for a change, they didn’t find any concrete evidence linking female moodiness to the hormonal changes that occur days before menstruation. Overall, only 13.5% of studies indicated the existence of PMS.

Some studies even found a link between mood and the menstrual cycle, but it wasn’t just the fault of the days leading up to menstruation, and in another phase of the cycle it had also caused negative effects on women’s mood. Researchers believe that PMS is just a legend!

And this claim has been knocking on the door of science for some time now. Several behavioral scientists – including women – believe that PMS is more a matter of the power of suggestion. PMS arises as a form of excuse, because it is always admitted by others as plausible, therefore it is a success. Soon, the frequency of use is increased with the excuse.

And now, who’s going to believe you, woman?