Orlando Bloom has erased a movie from his mind, even though we liked it

Troy was a success and has a memorable cast, but his character never convinced him

Orlando Bloom has erased a movie from his mind even though we liked it
Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana along with Brad Pitt are the main protagonists of the film

Orlando Bloom’s career is one to envy and in recent years alone he has participated in films such as Open Source, based on the PlayStation video game Gran Turismo, or the almost recently released Red Right Hand, in which he stars alongside Andie MacDowell. But it was in the early 2000s that Bloom had his… boom.

It was then when he played the role of Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean and also when he left us his magnificent interpretation of the elf Legolas in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, some films, those based on Tolkien’s novels, which in fact led to the fact that shortly after we saw more epic cinema (fantastic or historical) and that also several of these had Orlando Bloom as one of their outstanding characters.

Thus, in 2005 we could see him in The Kingdom of Heaven, directed by Ridley Scott, and a little earlier, in 2004, in Troy, a great blockbuster that had a cast made up of the great Peter O’Toole, his partner in The Lord of the Rings Sean Bean, Brad Pitt, Eric Bana and Diane Kruger as well as Bloom himself. However, Bloom has preferred to erase this last tape from his memory. Why?

“I didn’t want to play that character.”

In a recent interview for Variety’s Know Their Lines video series, Bloom admitted that she has blocked the film from her mind almost completely despite playing Prince Paris, one of the many protagonists of this epic film.

The actor was surprisingly disoriented when asked to recall one of his character’s lines. “Oh my god, Troy. Go. I think I’ve erased that movie from my mind,” he confessed. “So many people love that movie, but for me, playing that character was like [makes a gesture of slitting his throat]. Can I say all this? I didn’t want to make the movie. I didn’t want to play this character.

Despite the commercial success of Troy, which grossed close to $500 million at the worldwide box office, Bloom was not comfortable with his role. “The movie was great. There was Brad [Pitt], Eric [Bana] and Peter O’Toole,” Bloom continued. “But how was I going to play this character? It went completely against everything I felt in my being. At one point he says Paris crawls on the ground after being hit by someone and holds his brother’s leg. I was like, ‘I’m not going to be able to do this.’ One of my agents at the time said, ‘But that’s the moment that will make it memorable.’ And I completely fell in love with that phrase from the agent. I think that’s why I’ve blocked that movie out of my mind.”



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