10 Very Successful People in Life Who Were Constantly Bullied as Children

It is likely that we will never be able to eradicate the problem of bullying at its root, as it is part of the nature of many people who believe themselves to be superior or have some control over others.

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However, just as there are these people, there are also many more who, despite being attacked and abused by bullies, have been able to achieve greatness and success, just as these 10 celebrities that we present to you below did.

Take their cue and look for your strength in frustration.


1. Elon Musk


This young man took the phrase “create, innovate and reinvent” very seriously, because today he has a fortune that amounts to $ 13 billion dollars, just for creating the largest online payment system PayPal and for inventing and creating the first sustainable electric car for production in modern life. However, before all this, Elon confessed to having been bullied at school in any educational institution he entered. His inspiration was when his attackers once knocked him down the stairs and he was knocked unconscious for several days in a hospital. He said that it was then that he realized that he was different from others and began to live his life. He’s probably the only real-life Tony Starks, as his next goal is to make the planet Mars a viable place for human life.

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2. Zooey Deschanel


“When I was 12 years old and chubby, a little girl spat in my face,” the actress of the new generation of Hollywood and star of New Girl recalled in an interview with Marie Claire magazine. The actress has commented on several occasions that her childhood was not easy and that she suffered from bullying. “People were really mean to me,” she said when recalling her school life, so to make sure the children didn’t suffer the same problems she created a website for lonely people. “We started Hello Giggles for fun, but now I feel on a mission to help other girls.” Zooey even submitted a proposal to NBC for a TV series based on its website. And Lies I Tell My Daughter will be based on a Hello Giggles column. Deschanel’s partner in New Girl, the writer of Girls, and the young actress are the executive producers of the series.

3. Catherine of Cambridge


Tormented by her high school classmates, Kate Middleton was bullied for suffering from eczema and being too skinny. No one imagined that years later she would become the Duchess of Cambridge. Today she does social work to have a greater number of associations that help children who are victims of bullying at school together with her husband.

4. Tom Cruise


Because of his dyslexia and short stature, Tom Cruise was bullied during his childhood. Although his problem is suffered by more successful people, it was a cause for the schools in which the actor studied to receive the contempt and ridicule of his classmates. Although he is now a sex symbol and a heartthrob, as a young man Tom suffered from bullying and violence from his peers. “Let’s face it, physically I’m not the biggest guy. I was also in special classes to treat dyslexia. I was bullied in 15 different schools.”

5. Michael Phelps


Michael Phelps is now the most decorated Olympian of all time, with a total of 22 medals. But as a child he was bullied by his lisp and big ears. Swimming helped him release energy and frustrations. On Yahoo Sports, he said, “I think it made me stronger to go through that.”

6. Tony Hawk


When the skateboarding star was in high school, everyone called him a fresbee because he was flying around on his skateboard. What they never imagined is that, until today, no one has been able to match it.

7. Eminem


“They beat me in the bathrooms, in the corridors, they threw me over the lockers”… And that’s how he found strength in music and earned the respect of others. In his song “Not Afraid” he recounts how he felt when he was abused to “maybe help someone else with my personal experience,” he said.

8. Kate Winslet


During her school life she was a very heavy woman, because at the age of 15 she weighed 90 kilos and everyone called her Blubber (buttery). Four years later she was painted nude by Leonardo Di Caprio in the film Titanic.

9. Elvis Presley


After his family moved to Memphis Tenneesse, Elvis was bullied at his new school for not wearing jeans, the most common fabric in pants at the time. Years later he would be named the King of Rock and Roll.

10. Jackie Chan


Because of his short stature and build, Jackie Chan was bullied for most of his childhood until he decided to study martial arts for self-defense. Today he is the best known and most outstanding actor in these arts.




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