11 Curious facts about Stephen Hawking, the man who deciphered the cosmos for us

He is known as the man who dared to challenge the universe, the one who fell so in love with the cosmos that he sought to unravel it in order to question, even, the world as we know it.

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Stephen Hawking ventured to say that there is life beyond Earth and wrote about it, leaving doubt sown and the opportunity to check each of his words, which his most loyal followers consider one hundred percent real.

But we know little about his human side, the one that goes beyond his books and his terrible illness that consumed him little by little, until this day when it has left us on the earthly planet on which we coexist.

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1. If he had followed his father’s advice, he would have been a doctor

Stephen Hawking with a schoolmate

He was always strong-willed and refused to be a doctor with a simple answer: medicine is not an exact science. Besides, she found it very boring.

2. I had the worst GPAs in school

Hawking had the worst GPAs in school

He was always a student with lousy grades, but when it came to questions about the universe, his face reflected his great passion. His classmates nicknamed him “The Einstein.”

3. He was very mischievous, always ending up destroying everything

He was a very mischievous young man, with a curious spirit

He was curious to know the origin of objects and how they work from a very young age. His family says it all started with the destruction of watches, radios and other devices he had at home. He often angered his parents; They never imagined that he would be a great scientist.

4. He liked to paddle

He belonged to the rowing team of the University of Oxford

He was even part of the rowing team at the University of Oxford, until shortly before he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

5. Doctors Said He Would Live Alone to 23

He claimed that he would only live to be 23

The precision of medicine back then led doctors to give the diagnosis to Hawking with an average life span of only 23 years; His life ended at 76.

6. He was married 2 times and had 3 children

Stephen Hawking's Children

Lucy, Robert, and Tim, the names of their children.

7. He participated in a song with Pink Floyd

The rock band Pink Floyd invited him to participate in a song in their honor, with the name Talkin’ Hawkin.

8. Pneumonia stole his voice and “gifted” him with his signature robotic voice

Using Intel Machines

The disease became complicated and after several weeks of intense treatments, with which he even left him in a coma, doctors recommended disconnecting him, but Jane Wilde, his then wife, refused. They resorted to a tracheostomy as a last resort that left him speechless. Some time later they opted for the voice synthesizer that he used until the end.

9. He was the first quadriplegic to live the zero experience

Stephen Hawking Experiencing Zero Gravity

Stephen was invited by the Zero Gravity Corporation to be the first quadriplegic human to experience zero gravity, at the age of 65.

10. He was one of the few scientists with a wide diffusion

He starred in The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory, and Star Trek: Next Generation.

11. He Faithfully Believed in Aliens

Until the end of his days, he assured that at some point in Earth’s history, it will be invaded by extraterrestrials. He firmly believed that there is higher intelligence somewhere in the cosmos, that in a short time (he never assured how long) we will be defeated by superior beings.

A legend is gone. Rest in peace, Stephen Hawking.



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