5 Most Famous Movie Vehicles and Their Replicas

If you’re thinking Batman’s car was a movie magic then think again, because The Tumbler was built from scratch and was a 2.5-tone working beast of a machine. It could go 110 mph (177 kph) and jump distance of up to 30 ft (9 m).

Some of the blockbuster movies used high end machines specially designed for film production while other fictional machines inspire creative minds to build them in real-life.

And, here’re 5 most iconic and memorable movie vehicles you might not witness out of movies until now.

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The Tumbler – The Dark Knight movies

Batmobile was a high tech movie car used in the The Dark Knight movies. It was a designed and built specially for the movie. The Tumbler was completely custom made 2.5 tone vehicle built from scratch with a maximum speed of 110 mph and can jump up to 30 ft.

The Tumbler - The Dark Knight movies
Alexander Laney

Video: The Tumbler – Dark Knight movies

Though The Tumbler can’t fly like the Batmobile in the movies but it was built to give the realistic look to scenes in the movies and flying scenes were recorded with various production techniques, you may like to watching this video recorded on board while filming the movie.

There were total six models of The Tumbler designed for various scenes, one for exterior shots, one for roof-top chase, one with loaded weapons, jump shots and other rocket versions and each of these versions costs around £200,000 total of millions.


Speeder Bike – Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi

Don’t you think Sci-Fi will be the reality of tomorrow? Because if Sci-Fi put under observation could results in reality.

Aerofex Corporation building the manned and unmanned aerial vehicles that defeat the limited access barriers of flight benefits, and hover vehicle is one of their innovative technologies that make it come true. Watch it in action here.

aerofex futuristic hover vehicle

Video: Aerial Demonstration

However, this hover vehicles if not so close to it’s Sci-Fi version in Star War movies but it could hover you few feet above the ground and make travel possible regardless of roads and could be a door-to-door transportation vehicle in the near future.

Earlier version of hover vehicle was not stable due to it’s two ducted rotors and later Areofex fixed that issue with knee-level controls which are directly sensed by pilot’s balance.


DeLorean DMC-12 – Back To The Future trilogy

It’s too way back from now the movie ‘Back to the Future’ was released in 1985-1990 but there’s one thing that still remind about the movie is the DeLorean DMC-12 (DeLorean time machine in the movie), the only car model produced by the company which was used in the movie.

DeLorean DMC-12 - DeLorean time machine


Only two cars are left after the production of movies back in 80’s and owned by the Universal Studios.


SHIELD Helicarrier – The Avengers

Have you been amazed by the gigantic fictional aircraft in The Avengers movie which was amazing in look, features, design and stealth technology? well of course it was amazing, and here it actually exist in reality but not as gigantic as in the movie but it is an exact replica of SHIELD Helicarrier and can actually fly.

flying SHIELD Helicarrier

Video: SHIELD Helicarrier Flying

Science-Fiction always catch the attention of creative minds across the world and they try put their efforts to create something that was in Sci-Fi stories until now. An ingenious Russian guy at RC Design forum created the real 50 inches long and 38 ounces quadrotor flying Helicarrier. But the question is, could that big SHIELD Helicarrier be possible to build in the near future? Certainly it’s a question of debate for scientists.


The Batpod – The Dark Knight movies

Here’s another great machine from The Dark Knight movies, The Batpod. Smash hit movies always influence their fans, and some of the hardcore fans build their super hero’s fictional ride in reality.

The Batpod replica, The Dark Knight movies
Chopper City USA

Video: Batpod Riding Video

Chopper City USA built the exact replica of The Batpod. It is a fully metal body 850cc power machine built by Dave Welch at Chopper City USA.



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