This website is a museum of abandonware and old-fashioned games: it has been offering free software downloads for more than 20 years

Website offering free software downloads for more than 20 years

Although the technology industry is advancing by leaps and bounds and our devices and equipment are becoming more modern and capable, the Internet never forgets. And this, although sometimes a double-edged sword, is also useful to find community projects as beautiful as WinWorlda whole museum of abandon software and information about computers and software that is no longer so common to see in operation.

WinWorld began in 2003 with a single purpose, according to its creator: to preserve and share outdated software and pass on the knowledge needed to use that software in an increasingly modern era of computing.

Duff’s obsession with technology began when he was already using Macintosh LCs in his school’s lab. Since then, there has been a growing interest in ancient technology. And that’s where WinWorld was born, a website where we can find multiple outdated versions of a good number of operating systems, programs, games, and much more.

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A Museum of Abandoned Software and Old Age Games

Although it’s not just about operating systems, but the web is a museum of retro, and also offers links to multiple communities and websites that preserve software and knowledge about a whole range of programs, applications, interfaces, equipment and much more.

Their community is still quite active. In fact, in their forum we can find very interesting topics about retro technology and abandonware, among other things. In this way, WinWorld brings together all those interested in retro from a project that began more than 20 years ago.

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All links to programs and other downloads are offered completely free of charge. However, its creator accepts donations to cover the costs of website maintenance, link renewals, and more.

In its library, you can find links to disused operating systems, applications, old games, development tools, system files, and much more. If you get the bug and want to know if there is a download link for a certain system or program, you can always access its search box.

WinWorld also has an IRC chat to establish contact with the community and its creators, although you can also join its Discord community, where given the modernity of the application, it is a more accessible environment for all audiences.

The design of the website is frankly simple, surviving in this way more than two decades and not clashing with the soul of the project. The goal of the website remains the same as when it started: to be one of the best sites to find abandonware and pre-release software and a showcase to simpler times.



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