18 Incredibly Amazing Micro Art Sculptures

Imagine, how high precision it requires to put miniature sculptures within the eye of a needle and carve mini sculptures on the graphite head of pencil, but microsculptor made it and put camels through the eye of needle and carve saw on the head of pencil.

Micro Artist craft their imaginations through their hands using needle, magnifying glass and razor blade and craft microscopic sculptures that looks incredibly awesome.

Just imagine how precise and involved microsculptor would be while creating these amazing carvings.

Micro art is an incredible minimal carving technique a micro artist put inside an art piece.


Pencil Sculptures by, Ragna Reusch Klinkenberg

Here’re the pencil sculptures of world’s popular politicians carved by German artist Ragna Reusch Klinkenberg. These are the pencil sculptures of Obama, Merkel and Sarkozy which looks amazing.

Look their hair, eyes and nose, these mini sculptures looks incredible.

Pencil sculpture of Obama

Pencil sculpture of Merkel


Pencil sculpture of important politicians

Amazing Pencil sculptures by, Cerkahegyzo

A Hungarian micro artist creates amazing micro art sculptures out of pencil by transforming them into an incredibly small chains, keys and a small bird on the pencil head. You can look into the creativity of chain carvings by the artist which is awesome.

keys carved pencil head_1

micro art bird carving on pencil

chain pencil carving

Pencils Micro Art Sculptures by, Dalton M Ghetti

Dalton M Ghetti is a popular micro artist who create life like pencil sculptures by hands using needle and razor blade. He carved some of the popular pencil sculptures in the world out of which some amazing arts are shown below.

Look at the saw which is carved like the real one with each and every part precisely carved.

And a house which is very small but look like a real hut situated on big rock and a giraffe standing on the head of the pencil looks amazing.

Saw micro sculpture by GhettiLittle House by Ghetti

giraffe pencil sculpture

Sewing Needle Micro Art Sculptures by, Willard Wigan

Have you ever see a camel put through the eye of needle? If not then here’s Willard Wigan did this. Not only one camel but he did put multiple camels at a time through the needle eye.

He creates other micro carving that can be put inside the eye of needle or at the pin head.

Look at the micro Harley standing within the eye of needle which is carved by hand using gold flake. It’s a master piece of art and design by Willard.

Golden Harley within the eye of needle

Here’s a look at nine camels walking to their journey through the sys of needle.

Camels through the sewing needle eye

A fairytale micro art sculpture looks incredible.

The Fairytale micro art sculpture

Microscopic Art Sculptures by, Nikolai Aldunin

Nikolai Aidunin is the master of micro world where he creates miniature masterpiece sculptures. Sculptures are so precise that they look life like under microscope.

Below is the image of AKM-47 microscopic art by Nikolai Aidunin. Gun is made of 34 parts and smaller than the width of a matchstick.

AKM-47 micro art sculpture

Here’s the bicycle placed on the needle looks amazing.

Tiny cycle on needle

Below is the tank made of 999.9 pure gold placed on the half split apple seed. Tank is the replica of Soviet T34/85 tank and contains about 200 small pieces.

Golden micro tank sculpture 1

Micro Art Sculptures by, Diem Chau

Diem Chau pencil carvings are so precise they looks incredible. She connects nature and art in her sculptures that inspire others. Here are some of the amazing art pieces from Diem Chau.

Bird pencil carvings

bee carved on the head of pencil

Carved pencils by Diem Chau

Let us know what sculptures are your favorites and which one you like the most by leaving a comment.


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