15 People Regret Asking for Their Picture Taken

When traveling, it’s common to ask a complete stranger to assist us in capturing a special moment. Whether it’s in a famous tourist spot or in the middle of a show, sometimes reaching out to take a selfie isn’t enough, that’s when that person who offers to take the picture can be very helpful – or maybe not.

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The photos below show that people’s goodwill doesn’t always culminate in good results, although if we look for the friendly side of them, they are now destined to make us laugh a little.

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1 – What a perfect photo, sir.

Funny photo fails

2 – Impossible to improve this catch.

Epic fail pictures

3 – Lol.

photo fails

4 – Another photographer with a different notion of framing.

photo fails

5 – Each photograph is better than the last.

failed photos

6 – Those arms came out amazing.

failed photos

7 – When a curse called a front-facing camera haunts you.

funny photo fails

8 – The classic photo at the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

photo fails

9 – Perfection.

epic photo fails

10 – The Statue of Liberty was supposed to be in the photo, but something went wrong.

Fail photo

11 – The master of framing.

Disastrous Photos

12 – The perfect souvenir of a visit to the Eiffel Tower.

Fail photo

13 – The classic nosy finger.

Epic picture fails

14 – A full-length photograph.

Disastrous Photos (14)

15 – At least the child’s forehead appeared in the picture.

Disastrous Photos (15)


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