24 Creative Ideas of Forced Perspective Photography Technique

Forced perspective is a photography technique used to create photos that looks incredible and you can create your own forced perspective photos with great ideas, ideas that are easy to use and gives you impressive results.

It’s a creative art of photography which certainly change your perception. At a first glance you see what actually not exist there. And, here’re the cool and creative ideas of optical illusion and forced perspective photography that will blow your mind and some times make you smile with a great idea.

Have a quick look at the image below, and what you saw is a transparent or invisible portrait of a girl. But that’s actually not what you’re seeing, this portrait is an illusion of mirror reflection.

Not just like that but mirror can actually create different optical illusion that makes you think twice before you actually figure out what it is. So be creative with mirror for your next optical illusion photographs and share with your friends.

Self-portrait with mirror reflection illusion
Laura Williams

An amazing example of forced perspective and perfectly timed photography in which you can catch the Sun just like the photo below.

Pedro Justicia Fotografia

Just imagine you’re laying upside down defying the gravity, seems to be magical. But You can get your photos in this water reflection optical illusion. It’s a 180 degrees flipped photo.

upside down optical illusion photo
Christiaan Triebert

An example of forced perspective photography where a woman holding the Leaning tower of Pisa, Italy.

Holding the leaning tower of Pisa
Marty Portier

Great love for Pisa and a great example of forced perspective photography technique.

forced perspective photo of Pisa
Marga V

This is a creative optical illusion in one of the hair product ads where girl in front of a guy is completely hidden and her long hair looks like the long beard of the guy.

Beard illusion 1243

Another great example of forced perspective photography where small looks big and bigger looks smaller.

Great forced perspective photography

A change in the angle of capturing a photograph makes it look completely different than what the actual Photo looks like when clicked normally.

Regina Silveira

Is it a giant ball on which trees are grown and children have fun playing over it or it is something else? Still haven’t figured it out?, well it’s a garden shaped in the way it looks like a giant football from certain angle. Truly an amazing art, design and illusion. Have a look at here to get an idea how it look like from other angles.

Giant ball optical illusion

We all perceive things around us in lines, circles and arcs, and that’s what this photo describes and make you believe it is a 3D box. This is just one example, lines can even make an illusion of objects that doesn’t exist there.

3D optical illusion
Thijs van Exel

That’s the crazy girl picking two fish side by side holding in front of her face the way fish eyes make an optical illusion of girl’s eyes.

Creative optical illusion
oh! photography

Another great example of forced perspective photography where you can pick the objects that are impossible to pick the way this photo shows you.

Forced perspective photography idea
Laura DeAngelis

A creative idea of turning the world 90 degrees anti clockwise creating an illusion of defying gravity.

gravity defying photography

Shadow photography, You already know how shadows displays the shape of objects in a creative way, but some times objects shadows displays completely different perspective which looks incredibly amazing.

Bike shadow optical illusion

Another great example of forced perspective photography.

forced perspective photo

Photography ideas are endless and here is a good example of one of the forced perspective techniques.

amazing forced perspective photograph
Jennifer Doyon (Daniels)

Playing with the Moon to get awesome forced perspective photos. Nature is beautiful and gives us mind blowing sights which you can capture with photography techniques to make them more beautiful.

Perfectly timed Moon optical illusion

Ladder to reach The Moon

Reach the Moon

Bike illusion is a perfectly timed photograph which shows time plays the important role to get a wonderful shot.

bike illusion
tustel ico

A big caterpillar, definitely you perceive it completely different than what it actually is. They are the birds sitting in line on the branch of a tree which you just think was a caterpillar at the first glance.

bird caterpillar illusion
José Luis Rodríguez

The guy is hanging or holding? Well its a upside down illusion of a great photography technique.

upside down hanging illusion photography
Holding All

Can you blow someone in the wind? well this man can, with a nice forced perspective photography technique.

blowing in the wind forced perspective photo
Jeppe Olsen

Now here’s car going out of control and what? it is trying to hit the man standing in front.

forced perspective photography
Tristan Brown
kiss on the forehead forced perspective photo example
Ryan K

Enjoy and have great time in photography.

Photos Credits: All credits goes to their respected owners.



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