7 Helpful Tips to Take Better Photos with Your Phone

Ready to up your phone photography game? 📸 We get it – capturing awesome moments on your phone is a skill, and we’re here to help you master it. In this guide, we’ve got six super easy and effective tips to transform your phone photos from okay to wow! No fancy equipment needed – just you, your phone, and a dash of creativity. Let’s dive in and make your memories picture-perfect! 🌟

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Water droplets on glass filter

Water Droplets On Glass Filter
Water Droplets On Glass Filter

Besides wearing, eye wears can also act as phone camera filter. All it takes is your creativity, a little bit of water spray on glass and you get your water droplets filter ready to take that perfect picture of yours.

Sunglass filter

Sunglass Filter

Just like you get to see that perfect scenic view from your shades, your photos can take advantage of that too. By making a sunglass filter for your phone, you can store those scenic moments in your photos forever without any post processing.

Stairs lighting effect

Stairs Lighting Effects

You can utilize various things inside your home in a creative way just like a perfect pattern of shades in above photo. It takes nothing but a best position and your phone flashlight.

Waterproof bag

Waterproof Bag
Waterproof Bag
Waterproof Bag

You can use waterproof bag to make color filter for your phone camera, take under-water photos and videos with your phone and much more.

Torch flashlight effects

Flashlight Effects
Flashlight Effects

Lighting is everything in photography and above photos says the whole story itself. But using smartphone and torch light is all that require to create these stunning photos. Try experimenting with different angles to get the some mesmerizing pictures.

DIY Phone stabilizer

Diy Phone Stabilizer

A coffee cup can be your DIY phone stabilizer to get those cinematic videos.

Creative phone panorama

Creative Phone Panorama
Creative Phone Panorama

For this photo, we need to keep the camera about five feet away from person you are about to take photos of. The easy way to do that is to set the camera into panorama mode and have the arms stretched out.

Now, let’s adjust the distance to a point that your fingers just touch the two sides of the frame, and that should be good.

Now, let’s start panorama shooting in vertical wave from bottom to top. Half the white arrow covers shoes, and click start.

For the first two arms in a lower position, move the camera slowly along with the yellow line. When the white arrow points to my chest, Change the second gesture.

Now, when arrow points to throat, turn to the third gesture. You can finish up the rest of recording and click the button to stop recording.

And, You get the perfect photo as desired.

Hope you find these phone photography tips helpful and, get the most out of your photos using everyday objects and take your smartphone photography to next level. Share your favorite photos inside the comments.




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