26 Most Creative and Beautiful Statues and Sculptures in the World

These works are the imprint of historical events and figures, but also the voice of men who were not important but forgotten; the shape of certain animals (horses, lions) according to the strength of their representation or of certain objects (shoes, chairs).

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Take a look at this impressive gallery and be amazed by these sculptures.


26. Three Fishermen Sculpture (Buzios, Rio de Janeiro)

Impressive sculptures and statues

25. Mihai Eminescu (Onesti, Romania)

Impressive Romanian statue

24. Running Horses (Irwing, Texas)

statue horses running Texas

23. The Passers-by (Wroclaw, Poland)

sculpture of anonymous passers-by in Poland

22. Hippo Sculpture (Taiwan)

sculpture of Hippos coming off the street in China

21. Expansion, by Paige Bradley

Sculpture Expansion, meditation by Paige Bradley

20. Break Your Mold, Zenos Frudakis

Sculpture titled Break Your Mold by Zenos Frudakis

19. Gnomes (Wroclaw, Poland)

Various sculptures of Gnomes in the city of Wrocland, Poland

18. River People (Singapore)

Statue of People Jumping into the River in Singapore

17. Shoes on the Danube Bank (Hungary)

Shoe sculpture on the banks of the Danube

16. Sinking Building (Melbourne, Australia)

Building collapsing outside the statuary library, Melbourne Australia

15. Memorial to the Jews (Krakovia)

sculptures of the Second World War in memory of the Jews

14. Lions (Tower of London)

Famous sculpture of Lions in the Tower of London

13. Working Man (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Working Man Sculpture, Slovakia

12. The Kelpies (Falkirk, Scotland)

Statue of horses in Scotland

11. The Road to Freedom (Lithuania)

Memoriál, The Road to Freedom, Lithuania

10. Phone Booths (Kingston, London)

Street art with phone booths in London

9. Brussels, Belgium

Funny statues in Brussels, Belgium

8. Spider (London)

Modern Art, Spider Sculpture in London

7. Salmon (Portland, Oregon)

Salmon embedded in a wall, street art

6. King Decebalus (Romania)

40 meter carved rock in Europe, King Decebalus, Romania,

5. Emigrants (Ireland)

statues to emigrants in Ireland, entitled The Famine

4. Caragiale (Romania)

Ancient statues in the squares of Romania

3. The Paul Street Boys (Budapest)

Statues of The Paul Street Boys Budapest

2. Iguana Park (Amsterdam)

picturesque statues in Amsterdam, the Iguanas

1. World War Scene (Turkey)

Statues of the World War Turkey




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