Incredible images of street art that blend with the optical illusion

There are images that play with our mind and when we see them we can fall into doubt about what we are really observing, because they play with our brain and with the perception of reality, creating in us an effect of amazement.

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Urban art has become a very special way of bringing big cities to life, as artists are getting better and better. Ingenuity, like human creativity, is unimaginable and it is incredible how far it can go. A new trend has become very popular as it combines graffiti withoptical illusion. This new way of beautifying cities is really wonderful. We’re sure you’ll love it.

Check out these spectacular images and discover the new way of making urban art. Have you seen it in your city?


1. The illusion of this space is incredible, without a doubt the colors bring it to life

Blank place with color-painted space

2. This garden creates the optical illusion of being spherical. Trees help a lot with this effect

Spherical Shaped Garden

3. This Cool Cube Sculpture Creates a Three-Dimensional Effect

Cube Sculpture

4. Fantastic mural for the illusion of how the real sky meets the one in the painting

Building with giant three-person painting

5. Imagine coming out of the subway and being greeted by this giant boy

Image of child peeking out

6. This giant arm emerges from the water in a canal in the United States

Giant arm sticking out of the water

7. The evolution of graffiti is shocking: artists make it seem like they float

Graffiti on the wall

8. Aside from being awesome, these pavement bars help slow you down

White bars on the pavement

9. This creative way of using tires gave this place a unique plus

Tires embedded in the pavement

10. Cool Block That Looks Like It’s Made Of Legos

Colorfully painted foulbrood

11. We don’t know for what purpose they did it, but a half bike embedded in the wall is great

Half Bike

12. In some cities in Germany, light boxes look like small buildings

Building-shaped light box

13. Advertising also does its part by creating great stages in cities

Natural landscape painted on pavement

14. Anyone would be shocked to see a shark in the elevator

Shark in elevator

15. These Fun Stairs Create the Effect of Being Piano Keys

Stairs in the shape of Piana keys

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