9 of the Ugliest Statues in the World

These sculptures were designed as monuments, but there is nothing attractive about them. Take a look at these “works of art” capable of frowning at any tourist.

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1 – Pi-Chacán.

At the Institute of Microbiology at the University of Tübingen in Germany, the façade has little to do with fungi and bacteria. In this educational institution in Germany we can find sculpted on a large marble stone the most intimate part of the ladies.

The person responsible for this work was the Peruvian artist Fernando de la Jara, and with its almost 4 meters high it has been in this place for more than 13 years. Despite its unusual appearance, the work was valued at just over $100,000. In 2014, an American student was trapped inside the statue in Tübingen and had to be rescued by a crew of 22 firefighters.

Chacan sculpture

2 – Ghost King.

At a point known as “ghost city” in Fengdu, with a history dating back 2000 years, we can find all kinds of unusual statues, most of them themed around life after death.

One of the most popular statues is known as the Ghost King and is embedded in a mountain that can be seen from every corner of the village – its 138 m high and 217 m long earned it the title of the largest stone sculpture in the world. This work, along with other depictions of demons and ghosts, frightens visitors and serves as a warning to all those who lead a life far from good.

Fengdu Ghost King

3 – Burnside Fountain.

In the town of Worcester, Massachusetts, United States, we can find this statue on a fountain that divides opinions due to its double meaning. In the remote year of 1905 an individual named Harriet Burnside presented the city of Worcester with a monument also known as “The Boy with the Turtle“, art symbolizing a young man walking on the reptile’s shell.

However, the most shabby minds claim that the turtle is violated by the boy – mainly because of the animal’s expression of astonishment.

Burnside Fountain in Worcester

4 – Two lovers.

In Puerto Montt, Chile, a couple shows us that love can manifest itself in the most varied ways. This pair of lovers seem totally indifferent to passers-by passing by. With indecipherable expressions, they generate a melancholic atmosphere and a depressed vibe that has turned the statue into a mural of messages for those people who were not successful in matters of love.

Puerto Montt Sculpture Lovers

5 – Posankka.

In the city of Turku, Finland, we can find this hybrid statue by the Finnish Alvar Gullichsen, a concept where the shape of a rubber duck, anatomical parts of the pig and the human butt are mixed. In addition, it is a tradition that with the arrival of Christmas you put on a Santa Claus hat. According to Gullichsen himself, it is a critique of technology and a representation of the conflict between popular culture and high culture.

Posankka sculpture

6 – Fiesta Dancers.

Sculptor Luis Jimenez crafted these colorful dancers at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, United States. Especially striking is the way Jimenez stamped the faces of his characters – the “Mexican-Americans,” as he used to describe them.

For some, the features of these characters are disfigured and stained, but for others, it is an expression of Jimenez’s artistry and genius. The Mexican side is represented by the Tapatío syrup.

Fiesta Dancers University of New Mexico

7 – Ozymandias on the Plains.

In the desert of Amarillo, Texas, a pair of legs rise singularly. They were commissioned by a millionaire named Stanley Marsh III, and the sculpture was inspired by the ruins of the empire of an Egyptian king, Ramesses II (known as Ozymandias). The socks were painted by a group of vandals.

Yellow Ozymandias, Texas

8 – The Green Giant of Sylt.

On the island of Sylt, Germany, you have the possibility to appreciate a rather peculiar work of art located in front of the city’s train station. Every visitor who arrives by this means of transport is greeted by a family of green giants. The adults seem to be whistling and the little ones have their faces turned upside down. Due to the eccentricity of this sculpture, the monument became a mandatory stop for every tourist who passes through here.

Sylt Monument Green Giants

9 – Laykyun Setkyar.

In Monywa, Burma, this statue is a representation of Gautama Buddha, and holds the record for the second tallest in the world at 116 meters. From a distance, the golden color of this colossus contrasts with the poverty of the environment. Inside, visitors can walk through 32 floors via a staircase and find descriptions of hell at each landing. But it doesn’t end there, as two other Buddhas were built in the same place, one that can be seen lying in the front and a smaller one sitting in the lower part of the plain. In total, the work took a decade to complete and was inaugurated in 2008.

Laykyun setkyar statue monument


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