The door hook: A little-known but nevertheless very practical accessory

When you get in or out of your car, the metal door hook never goes unnoticed. Of course, it is mainly used to lock the car door, which helps prevent accidental opening on the road. Apart from that, did you know that from the inside, for greater safety, you have to open the door with your right hand? In this way, you can better check the surroundings.


The car door hook, a little-known but nevertheless very practical accessory

Apart from locking a vehicle’s door, this hook also has an additional function that very few people know about. Indeed, it can also be used to access the roof of a car more easily for loading luggage or cleaning. Acting as a foot pedal, this hook can support a load of more than 100 to 200 kg because it is very robust.

These other unexpected functions of your car’s other accessories

Apart from the door hook, some elements of your vehicle can also offer slightly unusual but potentially practical functions. For the rearview mirror, for example, if you pull the little tab under the mirror, as if by magic, the intensity of the light changes. The same goes for the wrist support. Mainly, it should be used to keep you upright during sharp turns or when the car is driving down a rough road. But in addition to this function, it can also be used as a hanger holder. On the other hand, it is also a very useful accessory, as it can help to get out of the vehicle more easily, especially if the ceiling is too low.



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