These innocuous items in your home can demagnetize your bank card

Without realizing it, contact with certain objects in your home with your bank card could demagnetize it. For this purpose, if the magnetic stripe is damaged, your card will be completely out of use. So let’s focus on these small innocuous objects that can easily ruin your daily life.

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Illustration: Objects In Your Home That Can Demagnetize Your Bank Card

Electromagnetic wave devices: very demagnetizing for your bank card

In a home, there are many devices that produce electromagnetic waves. Among them, we can mention for example, the hairdryer, the electric shaver, the induction hob, the internet box, the microwave, the TV screen and many others. When your card is then exposed to these devices for too long, it could potentially demagnetize. In relation to this, it would therefore be highly recommended to never put your card near these kinds of devices. Afterwards, if you put your card in your purse or pocket, absolutely avoid putting it in contact with a smartphone or any other electronic device.

Magnetic objects are also powerful demagnetizers

Apart from devices that emit powerful electromagnetic waves, magnetic objects are also likely to damage the magnetic stripe of your credit card. Among the most unsuspected object is your wallet. It can be equipped with a clasp composed of a magnet, so its proximity to your credit card over a long period of time is often of no consequence. In addition to the wallet, any object that has magnetic closures could produce this same effect. Apart from that, we should also not forget to mention that on some furniture such as an extendable table can be equipped with a powerful magnet.

Objects that can scratch the bank card can also demagnetize it

Magnetism isn’t just the only factor that could demagnetize a Visa or Mastercard. Indeed, some objects likely to scratch the magnetic stripe can also cause serious damage to your card. Therefore, when storing your card in a bag or wallet, always try to place it in a compartment that could prevent it from being scratched. And when this is the case, if your credit card has been scratched by a coin or other object, to remagnetize it, you must gently rub it with a soft and dry cloth.




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