Celebrities included in Ferrari’s infamous blacklist

The “Ferrari blacklist” is a notorious classification maintained by the iconic Italian sports car brand. It lists owners who flagrantly violate the strict rules and standards imposed by the company. In addition to known violations such as unauthorized customization of vehicles or non-payment by owners, the list is rumored to also include cases of irresponsible driving behavior, negative public behavior that discredits the brand’s image, and financial challenges that put Ferrari’s reputation at risk.

Celebrities Included In Ferraris Infamous Blacklist

Many are unaware that Ferrari, the famous Italian sports car brand, has a code of conduct that all owners of their cars must align themselves with. However, some celebrities end up neglecting the rules while driving these hot rods and must pay the price. One of the most paradigmatic and mediatic examples of how a Ferrari owner should not behave is that of the Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber on Ferrari’s blacklist.

Bieber, who bought a Ferrari 458 Italia in 2011 when he was just 17 years old, would quickly rise to fame to become a symbol of youth and rebellion. His first few years as an owner went by without any major problems. However, his behavior behind the wheel became increasingly dangerous and careless. In 2016, he visited a nightclub in Beverly Hills, where he was ticketed for leaving his car parked for two weeks in a prohibited spot. Subsequently, he received a second fine for not having a valid driver’s license while driving the supercar.

Although, the straw that broke the camel’s back with the Italian brand was when Bieber decided to customize his car at West Coast Customs, an automotive boutique that is not approved by Ferrari. The car, originally white, was painted a bright blue. In addition, the Canadian fitted him with alternative tyres and a blue horse on the steering wheel. As a result of this affront to brand exclusivity, Ferrari excluded him from its customer list. This means that Justin Bieber can’t buy another Ferrari car.

Justin Bieber blacklisted by Ferrari

Other celebrities banned by the Prancing Horse.

And this is not an isolated case. The list of celebrities excluded by Ferrari includes 50 Cent. The American rapper ended up persona non grata for Ferrari after posting a photo of his Ferrari 488 car with the message: “I don’t want this Ferrari 488 anymore. I think I’m going to buy a smart car.” Also on the infamous list is Nicolas Cage, who sold his Ferrari Enzo at retail due to financial problems. The brand no longer saw him as an honorable owner.

Ferrari has a code of conduct that all owners are supposed to follow. Among other rules, owners are prohibited from selling the car without the express authorization of the brand. Bieber did so and that’s why he can’t buy any other Ferraris today. His controversial custom Ferrari 458 Italia was “illegally” auctioned and ended up with a valuation of $434,000. However, it was deemed illegal and Ferrari did not accept the outcome of the auction.

On Ferrari’s blacklist are other celebrities such as Tyga, an American rapper who couldn’t pay for his car and lost it in a pledge process (he left the car as a pledge). Another case is that of Floyd Mayweather, who violated Ferrari’s ownership rules, they are also on the blacklist. DeadMau5, Blac Chyna and Kim Kardashian are also not well received at the Italian automaker’s branches. One of the most curious rules is the one that obliges owners to own the car for at least a year before selling it.



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