Recover $3 million in bitcoins thanks to an expert who recovered the wallet password

Crypto specialist Joe Grand has managed to recover the password to a cryptocurrency wallet containing $3 million worth of bitcoins after its owner lost access to it in 2013

Recovered $3 million in bitcoins thanks to an expert who recovered wallet password
A user manages to regain access to his digital wallet 11 years later and recover the 43.6 Bitcoins he had stored in it, which is equivalent to 3 million dollars

If you want to get fully into the crypto market, you’re going to need three main things: a reliable app to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, another to track the price of cryptocurrencies, and a digital wallet to store your profits. But you should know very well how to set up this wallet, otherwise you can run the risk of not being able to access it and losing your money.

That’s what happened to a user in 2013, who has now just recovered $3 million in bitcoins thanks to an expert who has managed to recover the password to his crypto wallet.

Recover the password of a crypto wallet that had $3 million in bitcoins

Crypto cracker Joe Grand has managed to recover the password to the cryptocurrency wallet of a user who lost access to it 11 years ago and which contains three million dollars in bitcoins.

But let’s start at the beginning: in 2013, the aforementioned user created a password for his digital wallet using the RoboForm password manager and then saved it in an encrypted file created with the TrueCrypt tool, instead of storing it in the manager itself. Unfortunately, for reasons still unknown, at some point, that file was corrupted and this person lost access to this password and, therefore, to his wallet, something that caused him to not be able to recover the money he had stored inside.

But, at the end of last year, Grand managed to recover the password of this user’s crypto wallet thanks to the help of his friend Bruno, a hacker who managed to crack a flaw in the RoboForm application.

More specifically, Bruno discovered that the random number generator in the aforementioned app was not really that random, but that RoboForm used the date and time of the user’s computer to create these numbers, and, therefore, it was possible to predict the passwords generated by this application.

Although the user did not remember the exact date on which he had created his password, a movement in his cryptocurrency wallet allowed Joe Grand and Bruno to have a starting point with which to start working. Thus, after months of work and applying the parameters that the user thought he had applied to his password (20 characters, including special ones), these two hackers managed to recover the password, which had been created on May 15, 2013 at 6:10 p.m., Spanish time, and did not contain special characters.

At the time he lost access to his cryptocurrency wallet, this person had 43.6 bitcoins stored, which in 2013 were worth about $4,000, but now these bitcoins are worth about $3 million.



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