10 Strange Items That If They Don’t Tell You What They’re For, You’d Never Guess

A lifetime is insufficient to finish knowing all those inventions that humanity has produced. The emergence of these items caters to sheer necessity, and once more practical ways of satisfying these needs appear, those once useful objects are gradually forgotten until the vast majority end up ignoring the purpose for which they were created.

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Little Known Inventions

Today you will get to know 10 items, particularly interesting because most of them we do not have the remotest idea of their usefulness.

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10 – To have fun on the throne.

Toilet paper radio 1970

Nowadays, visits to the bathroom are made more bearable thanks to smartphones. In the 1970s, however, things were very different. If you didn’t want to get bored like an oyster, you could install this toilet paper carrier with built-in radio like this, while heeding nature’s call, you kept abreast of the outside world. Then they included a telephone.

9 – A communal vessel.


This thing looks like the kind of useless craftsmanship you’d buy during a trip to make yourself interesting; However, it had a rather noble purpose: it was a communal cup designed especially for tea or coffee, where six people could drink from each of these mouthpieces without having to (theoretically) come into contact with each other’s saliva. His name is grolla.

8 – An interesting source.

Curious Source

This metal structure with an inrespectful appearance, is actually the remains of a water fountain for children located in Sweden.

7 – The porrón.

Leather-lined porron

Invented in Spain, the porrón allows a multitude of people to drink liquid (usually wine) without having to resort to glasses or goblets. The item in the image is lined with leather, but the porrones are made of glass and the spout that comes out on the right is where the liquid drains, which is dropped from a certain height to avoid contact of the container with the mouth.

6 – Scissors.

Candle cutting scissors

These golden scissors with gimmicky handles and strange blades were intended only to cut candle stumps.

5 – Scales.

Egg scale

In the past, eggs were not sold in bulk, but sold separately according to weight. This scale served that purpose.

4 – Miniature stairs.


What you can see in the image is a ladder for the fingers, and not a company card holder. It is part of a physiotherapy instrument that aims to stimulate motor skills in patients who have suffered some type of neurological damage. In case you were wondering, it goes like this:

Ladder for the fingers

3 – Pie plate.

Pie plate slices measures

Sometimes, for unknown reasons, useful inventions end up disappearing from everyday life. So it was with this pie plate, whose markings on the edges indicated the exact place where it should be cut according to the required slices.

2 – A unicycle.

Motor for wheelchair

It is not a unicycle as such, in fact, it is a wheelchair attachment that transforms them into a kind of motorized tricycle.

1 – A sink without keys.

Vomit washbasin in Germany

This “keyless sink” (or tall toilet) can be found in some bars in Germany. Have you already imagined its end? If you overindulged with your drinking, you can go to this place to vomit. It even has grab bars so that the drunk “makes land” and doesn’t fall.