20 Things Women Hate About Men

Many of the posts we publish become articles totally hated by feminists, women who (ironically) fit perfectly into the macho image with their paralogical ethnocentrism. The thing is that today it’s the turn of women, obviously this list is not strictly true since no woman is the same, but it is generally valid in most cases. If you are a man: read, learn and correct the way you think and act with your partner. While if you’re a woman we’d like to know your opinion about these 20 things women hate about men, new points are accepted.

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Strong Man Tries to Open Jar

Don’t remember: if there’s one thing women don’t like one bit, it’s that men have a bad memory and forget about the things that are important to them. Like he likes coffee or what his childhood dog was called, for example.

Don’t help at home: If there’s one thing they love, it’s that they believe in equality and believe that men should do the dishes and clean the house just as much as they do.

Don’t ask for help: Men have a reputation for understanding maps a thousand times better than a woman, but… They also get lost, and when that happens they only use the resource of someone else’s help in the event of their mother’s death.

Don’t talk about the relationship: Women love to talk – and especially discuss the relationship, as they say – mainly about how they feel, as a way to resolve differences through words and understanding, but generally no man likes to talk or expose his feelings all the time.

Stalkers: Just like a man doesn’t like having someone behind him constantly, calling all the time to be together and cuddle, women don’t like it when a man remembers all the contacts on his phone, retweets all his tweets and is dying to see her today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow too. Men should also play hard from time to time, so don’t lose interest.

When they throw in the towel on the bed: if it’s used it’s much worse, and let’s not even talk about when it’s totally wet. And the truth is, it doesn’t cost too much to take it to the trash can in the service area.

When they don’t let you choose in the cinema: this is also a complaint for women, because both should take turns choosing the film and not just watch punches and action left and right.

When she doesn’t care enough: If you don’t call her to check on her at least once a day, women think they don’t care, which translates into a loss of interest in the long run.

When they don’t notice makeup: Some women tend to paint their faces, but that’s a minority. A lot of makeup is done in a way that looks natural, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t used a foundation, concealer, mascara, lipstick and a great etcetera. For at least half an hour of your day. Then the man comes and tells her that she looks beautiful without makeup. Do me a favor.

Don’t be told that you are or are pretty: basically, it’s what a woman needs to hear most… All the time.

To call her “Chubby”: no matter how sneaky she is when you say it, no woman likes to be called that way. It is a cunning blow to the self-esteem of the vast majority.

Scratch in public: The man spends two hours in front of a video game without blinking and without taking his hand off the controller, it is enough for them to leave the front door for them to start scratching themselves as if there is no tomorrow. Please don’t do that. It’s ridiculous!

Don’t bet on communication: when there’s a problem, if the two of you don’t talk about the situation, nothing will be solved. Many men don’t like to talk and this is something that leaves women desperate.

Let him drool somewhere else: kisses have their time and place, there’s no need to be licking her all the time and forcing her to use a towel for her cheeks and neck.

Laziness after the act: It is unacceptable that after the relationship they roll over, fall asleep and snore like a v8. How about some cuddle and hugs?

Don’t lower the lid: it’s also not acceptable. What about the men who never remember to turn down the bathroom lid?

Not going to the doctor when they need it: They say they have the solution to their health problem in the palm of their hand, they say they have nothing, but the symptoms continue and many only seek medical help when it is too late.

Them and their football: not losing a single game, and even if most women don’t understand, it’s something they’ll have to live with, but it’s not easy.

They get very detailed, and then…: the beginning was all chocolates, beautiful red and white roses, romantic SMS where she wrote her feelings and lots of stuffed animals. Now, there’s just a long, unkempt beard, he goes to the bathroom with the door open, he laughs like crazy when he throws a feather under the covers, and he forgets all the romantic details that helped him win over the person he loves. He’s looking for horn.

The straightforward and insensitive men: the ones who have no problem saying that the movie she likes is the cheesiest she’s ever seen. The ones who laugh when she cries for nonsense. These men lose thousands of points.



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