7 People You Need To Remove From Your Life For Mental Health

Distancing ourselves from people who represent more negative than positive aspects in our lives is extremely complicated because we do not identify who they are immediately. Have you ever felt like something wasn’t right from time to time, but it turns out that it’s not about you, it’s about your company? You’re not crazy and it’s very likely that you’re not the one with the problem, although if you don’t open your eyes in time you might become one.

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For your own safety and to make the process of acceptance easier for you, we have researched which are the seven toxic people that it would be best to stay away from according to psychology and human survival skills; Remember that sometimes it’s better to lose a person than your temper.


1. Unhappy

Unhappy Woman

It won’t take long for you to feel that every time you spend time with that person, your heart fractures a little; So much damage is done by lamenting their existence and victimizing themselves for every situation that happens or doesn’t happen to them, that it has made their relationship as gray as the cloud that always hangs over their heads. Try as you might, you won’t be able to fill your life with colors if you don’t want to, it’s better to understand that everyone is responsible for their own happiness.

2. Manipulators

Puppeteer Hand

There are also controllers who don’t stop until they manage to mold others to their liking, and for that they use methods that are as malicious as they are discreet… That’s why sometimes you don’t even notice it! Do not doubt that the person who always tries to convince you to make a decision, use you to achieve their goal or make you behave according to what suits them is not good for you; It’s best to cut the strings and not be anyone’s puppet.

3. Melodramatic

Dramatic Girl

It goes without saying, people who ridicule tragedy only add an unnecessary burden to your life. There are tough situations to deal with and things will probably never happen the way you expect, but it’s important to relax and lower the intensity with which problems are interpreted; Remember that we all have one and that person doesn’t have to star in everything with their crying. He just wants to get attention!

4. Pessimists

Pessimistic person

It’s true that the world out there is hard and that luck isn’t always going to be in your favor, but you don’t need to have a person by your side telling you all the time that things will go wrong… Such subjects do nothing but stress you out, make your space uncomfortable, and prepare your sense of alertness for the worst.

5. Nonconformists


Abandon all those who try to change you… You are in danger! Many times those who claim to love you or are your friends, do not accept you completely and little by little they begin to introduce ideas to you to become as they would like you to be; While changes always represent a good thing, they should be a decision made by yourself and not by others. Almost always they only denote the dissatisfaction they feel in the face of existence and no matter what you do: you will never please them.

6. Spiteful

Spiteful Person

Those who cannot forgive cannot love and establish strong and healthy bonds; All the time he will be looking for some defect or mistake from the past to reproach you in the present, he will distrust you and look for excuses to behave with pride and selfishness. If your relationship isn’t about harmony, acceptance, and understanding that we’re all human and can make mistakes from time to time, then why stay there?

7. Dependents

Dependent person

Unhealthy jealousy, restriction of outings, obsession with controlling your schedule, lack of personal space and misunderstandings that turn into tantrums… Sound familiar? If so, we’re sorry to tell you that there’s a person who sucks you in too much because it’s impossible for them to understand your individuality and accept that you each need to spend time alone. Walk away when possible!



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