20 Tricks to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Spacious and Spectacular

Something is happening in living spaces, as they are now seeking to reduce them, to create more intimate spaces. However, that doesn’t imply that everyone follows a minimalist philosophy.

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For many people, cramped spaces stress them out mentally, while for others, organizing their belongings creates chaos. But don’t worry, we offer you 20 very practical ideas and tips to help you grow that space as personal as the bathroom.

You probably can’t apply all of them, but some will help you make that very particular corner pleasant and comfortable.

1. A mirror in front of the bathroom door

Life Hacks Mirror at the Door

Placing it that way provides an optical illusion of depth, try it and visually you’ll notice the difference.

2. Small shelves on the side of the sink

Life Hacks Shelves

Generally, the space located next to the sink is little used -and valued- but with a few small shelves you will solve the mess.

3. Small Door Organizers

Life Hacks Shelves Inside Furniture

Small acrylic organizers inside some furniture or drawers allow you to keep items close at hand without having to accumulate them all in one place.

4. Second tube, or an extra one inside the shower

Life Hacks Racks

It will be very useful to place small plastic boxes that will help you have more objects at hand, as well as to store toys that the little ones use at bath time.

5. Distracting Objects

Life Hacks Distracting Point

If your bathroom is too small, you can place an object that catches the eye so that when you enter the eye is distracted by the object and not in the small space of the place.

6. Doorposts

Life Hacks Shelves Up Door

If the venue allows, a ledge above the door gives you extra space to organize your things.

7. Towel holder behind the door

Life Hacks Towels Back Door

Try not to keep more towels than you need and place them in a towel holder behind the bathroom door.

8. A Great Mirror

Life Hacks Big Mirror

Placing a large mirror to reflect a wall gives the optical illusion that there is a space beyond.

9. Multi-tiered decorative furniture

Life Hacks Shelf

A small shelf will help you store what could no longer be placed in a separate drawer that will make it easier for you to keep the most used objects close to you.

10. Smart Rack

Life Hacks Mini Furniture Organizer

Detect a small space that does not obstruct access or traffic in your bathroom and opt for one or more racks that can solve your organization problems.

11. Decorative Painting… With concealed organizer

Life Hacks Organizer Box

With the advantage that it will decorate your bathroom, its hidden background will help you store what has not found a place. 2-in-1 solutions.

12. Cabinet under the sink

Life Hacks Practical Under Bathroom Furniture

It will always be very useful to organize your bathroom.

13. Mirror Reflecting Door

Life Hacks Mirror Near the Door

See how big your bathroom looks now?

14. Levels under the bathroom cabinet

Life Hacks Under Bathroom Furniture

With the help of baskets, tubes or baskets you can turn that huge space in the cabinet under the sink into a great organizer that with a little ingenuity will make your days easier.

15. A Split Panel

There are some places where the bathroom also becomes a laundry room, but don’t suffer from lack of space. A partition panel between one space and the other will give you another view and you will have the option of two small rooms.

16. Bathroom Mirror with Interiors

Life Hacks Front Mirror with Splits

The bathroom mirror can become a great ally if you are looking for one that has divisions, it will help you have everything at hand and is a good option to organize yourself.

17. Small baskets hanging on the wall

Life Hacks Towel Usher

They can be used to store everything from hand towels to small details and will look very original.

18. Horizontal Rack Over the Sink

Life Hacks Bathroom Faucet Organizer

Another inconspicuous and little-used space is the one above the sink faucets, place a rack over it and you will see how practical it is.

19. Magnets

Life Hacks Magnet in Drawer

Place magnet lines over the sides of drawers to organize pins and metal objects so you always have them on hand.

20. Designing a Smart Piece of Furniture

Life Hacks Smart Furniture

It is very helpful to visualize the space, perhaps under a window you can place a small cabinet with drawers that can also serve as a shelf and paper distributor.



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