15 Creative and Functional Ways to Decorate Your Home with Cinder Blocks

If there is one thing that characterizes a creative person, it is seeing usefulness and beauty in objects that seem ugly or useless to the average observer. You may be surprised to know that simple (and sometimes cumbersome) cinder blocks can be the perfect decoration for a home.

Table of Contents

Here are some examples to use them, but the limit is your imagination.


1. Grill

Cinder Block Grill

2. Garden Dining Room

Cinder Block Garden Dining Room

3. A more elegant model

Cinder Block Patio Dining Room

4. Breakfast Room

Cinder Block Breakfast Room

5. Desktop

Cinder Block Desk

6. Source

Cement Block Source

7. A vegetable garden

Cement Block Orchard

8. Bookshelf

Cinder Block Bookcase

9. Pots

Cinder Blocks Pots

10. Bed Table

Cinder Block Bed Table

11. Tea Table

Cinder Block Tea Table

12. TV Stand

Cement block TV stand

13. Organizer

Cinder Block Organizer

14. Garden Armchair

Cinder Block Garden Armchair

15. Couch

cinder block sofa



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