25 Great Party Balloon Creations; Playing with them is from the Past

It seems that party balloons have the simple function of inflating themselves and having a good time with them, doesn’t it? Well, no, since balloons have a wide variety of functions to do almost anything, all you need to do is know how to do it.

Table of Contents

That’s why we made a list of ideas for creating amazing things using a balloon.

1. A bowl made of buttons

Photos showing the steps to make a bowl with buttons on a balloon

In this case, the balloon is used as a mold to glue the buttons. You have to wait for it to dry, pop the balloon and you will have a very original bowl.

2. Lamp made of branches

Lamp made of branches with a globe as a base

3. Make Chocolate Bowls for Your Desserts

Chocolate bowls made from small balloons

4. Chocolate Bowl

Procedure for making a chocolate bowl over a balloon

5. Decorating with Frozen Balloons

Frozen balloons with a bit of lighting

6. Decorate your jars with balloons

glass jars decorated with balloons

7. Container for the flowers

Jars with balloons and flowers

8. Bowl made with screwed magazine sheets

Bowl made with screwed magazine sheets

9. Fill balloons with water and freeze them, then place some candles on top

Candles on frozen water-filled balloons

10. Elegant Centerpieces

White centerpieces with flowers and candles on the table

11. Party Invitations Made with Balloons

Party Invitations Decorated with a Balloon

12. Ice Bowl

Ice bowl with fruit inside

13. Rugs as Candle Containers

Rugs made with a balloon for candles

14. Create a basket to decorate at Easter

Procedure to Create a Decorative Easter Basket

15. A wreath made from deflated balloons

Decorative Door Wreath Made from Deflated Balloons

16. Bowl made with dried leaves

Bowl made with dried leaves

17. Colorful Vases

Transparent vases decorated with colorful balloons

18. Christmas Tree Spheres

Spheres for the Christmas tree

19. Lamp Mould

Ceiling lamps with string

20. Wrap gifts

A gift wrapped with colorful balloons

21. Bracelets

Bracelets made with colorful balloons

22. Figures to decorate

Animal figurines to decorate

23. Toys

Toys made with balloons filled with flour

All you have to do is fill a balloon with cornstarch or flour and you can form the faces by molding the filling.

24. Confetti Shooting Glass

Glass with a balloon at the bottom

25. Decorate your sandals

Sandals decorated with balloons


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