11 Fun Ideas to Decorate Your Parties Like a Pro

The decoration of a party is very important because it provides the atmosphere you want: elegant, rustic, childish, style of the 80s, the 20s or the decade you prefer.

Table of Contents

The trend has arrived to decorate exclusively the back wall as the star of the entire living room. That’s why we give you some ideas for festive walls that will make guests never forget your celebration.


1. Bottom grilles

Grilles in the background at a party

2. Brightly Colored Flowers Made of Paper

Brightly colored flowers made of paper

3. Sheets of Paper

Party Sheets made of paper

4. Wall of Delicious Donuts

Wall of delicious doughnuts for party

5. The Classic Balloons

Balloon Wall party decoration

6. Curtain with LED lights

Curtain with Led lights for party decoration

7. Mermaid “Scales”

Party decoration using Mermaid Wall

8. A Unicorn Made of Paper

Unicorn Made of Paper

9. Jurassic Park, perfect for kids

Dinosaur Wall decoration

10. Colored Slat Curtain

Colored slat curtain party decoration

11. Glossy paper and paper-mache garlands

Gloss paper and paper-mache garlands




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