15 Number Shaped Cakes That Are Too Beautiful To Eat

The sweet trend completely grabbed the attention of social media. It’s so eye-catching, charming, and looking so good that everyone want a number to cake no matter what.

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And these beautiful creations will continue to be in full trend for this year, so if you couldn’t have yours months ago, this birthday you will be able to taste it.

Check out some ideas on decorating. We know, it’s very difficult to choose one, they’re all beautiful and finger-licking good.

1. In the romantic style

Romantic Style Number Cakes

2. With a floral twist

Number Cakes With a floral twist

3. A “little bit” of sweetness to brighten up your life

Number Cakes

4. Or how about a little pastel color to crave it?

Pastel color Number Cakes

5. It looks like a toy game

Cute Number Cakes

6. Delicious chocolate sponge cake to get out of the routine

Number Cakes with chocolate sponge

7. With chocolate chunks and strawberries

Number Cakes with chocolate chunks and strawberries

8. A Beauty Fit for a Little Princess

Beautiful numbers cake

9. For the Little Home Adventurer

Number Cakes Adventurer style

10. The option that every video game lover wants

Number Cakes for video game lover

11. With a touch of honey to sweeten the afternoon

Number Cakes using honey

12. Magical Unicorn Touches

Unicorn number style cake

13. Flowers, sweets, fruits… would you eat it?

Number style cake

14. It Would Be a Sin to Put a Fork on It

Number style cakes

15. Blue and white, delicious without losing style

Number cakes

Sorry for the sugar rush you had upon seeing these photos… But aren’t they a charm?



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