5 Innocent Habits That Could Leave You Blind

We perceive reality through our five essential senses. Losing one or two of these senses would mean isolating ourselves from part of that reality. Have you thought about how people who lack one or more of these senses manage? The easiest ones to lose are sight and hearing. Although the senses are of relatively equal importance, sight is paramount. And, although we use it every day, we don’t give it the care it requires.

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Yes, we have accumulated a considerable number of habits that impair our eyesight, and many of them so negatively that, in the worst cases, they do so permanently. Most of the time we act completely unconsciously. Some of these habits are so common in our day-to-day lives that in the long run they could lead to blindness. It would be ideal to take the necessary precautions. Take a look at these five things that could harm your eyesight.

See the Sun.

Woman Looking at the Sun wearing Glasses

Have you heard that curiosity killed the cat? Yes, children are usually very curious and are the most vulnerable to this bad habit. It’s impossible to deny that when we were little we tried to look directly at the sun. Even adults do, though it’s more likely because of reflection on a crystal or metal.

The damage that this bad habit can cause is considerable, and can lead to a cataract and, consequently, blindness. This is why it is recommended to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays – and not only because you are going to look directly at the sun, but to reduce the rays that can affect indirectly.

Do not use goggles for swimming.

Swimmer Goggles

On hot days, some people often go to the pools to cool off a bit, or perhaps as a form of regular physical exercise. It probably wasn’t long ago that you took a dip in a pool, but did you wear goggles? Most likely not, but you should have. The chemicals that can be found in pool water can damage the eyes and cause everything from typical irritation to temporary blindness.

Using your cell phone in the dark.

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Sometimes, we’re so immersed in some content on our phone that we just can’t put down the device. Before we know it, it’s already midnight and the whole room is dark. Even so, we kept going. If with low lighting the traditional reading of a book is already somewhat difficult, with cell phones something more extreme happens.

There are different studies that claim that smartphones are harmful to the eyes, causing a number of conditions such as dry eyes, headaches, and blurred vision. German experts went so far as to claim that cell phones can even cause eye cancer. Since none of the studies are conclusive, it’s best to be careful and use your cell phone sparingly.


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In addition to the large number of problems and diseases caused by smoking, smoking has been associated with 25% of macular degeneration cases. To make matters worse, secondhand smoke is twice as likely to suffer from this disease. The relationship between prolonged exposure to tobacco smoke and macular degeneration, Graves’ disease, cataract, glaucoma, uveitis and ocular surface diseases is well documented, leading to irreversible blindness in many cases.

Scratching the eye.

Child scratching his eye

Scratching the eye can be very bad depending on how often and how hard it is done. Many times we do it without realizing it, either because we are very tired or because it is an almost involuntary movement. If you scratch your eyes with dirty hands, you’re exposing yourself to an eye infection. In addition, scratching too hard can cause permanent damage to the cornea. You can start to develop keratoconus and gradually lose your vision due to a very banal habit.



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