The Most Lost Items

Brits lose a staggering 198,743 items during their lifetime, according to research. The study revealed that the average Briton loses a staggering nine items every day, some briefly, such as car keys, house keys, cell phones and papers.


I lost keys

The results came from a sample of 30,000 people, also highlighting the fact that around 10 minutes a day are wasted looking for objects such as sunglasses, wallets and phones.

On the other hand, the men in the study were shown to be much worse at losing things compared to women – a third of women said they regularly complained to their husbands about leaving items out of their place in the home.

esure, which carried out the research, said: “Most Brits blame their bad luck or hectic lifestyle for constantly misplacing items or even losing them altogether. Homeowners should be very cautious when it comes to taking care of the keys to their home – the keys to their home. This could be costly if they were to fall into the hands of opportunistic thieves.”

List of the 20 most lost items.

  • 1. Cell phone / smartphone.
  • 2. House keys.
  • 3. Car keys.
  • 4. Paperwork.
  • 5. Sunglasses/glasses.
  • 6. Purse/wallet.
  • 7. Lip balm.
  • 8. Hair brush.
  • 9. Gloves.
  • 10. Clothing.
  • 11. Umbrellas.
  • 12. Book.
  • 13. Bank card.
  • 14. Train/Bus Ticket.
  • 15. Jacket / Sweater.
  • 16. Journal/Personal Organizer.
  • 17. Sun cap.
  • 18. Laptop.
  • 19. Car.
  • 20. Tablet/e-reader.

The daily loss calculated over one year reveals an incredible 3,285 lost items. In a 65.5-year-old person, it’s just under 200,000 objects. Covering a total of 3,680 hours or 153 days searching for things throughout our miserable life.



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