15 Ideas to Make Your Child’s Baby Shower the Perfect Party

Baby showers are the perfect parties for moms-to-be to get together with their friends and relatives to have a fun and emotional time and, why not, to indulge in a few treats eating sweets and desserts without guilt.

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If you are one of those future moms and you are planning your child’s baby but you don’t want it to be the same as the one they made for your aunt, your cousins and even your grandmother, these creative ideas will help you bring the original touch to such a long-awaited party.


1. Centerpieces That Look Like Hot Air Balloons

Centerpieces That Look Like Hot Air Balloons

2. Make Sophisticated Use of Plastic Animals

Jars of animals

3. So your guests don’t go hungry


4. Cupcakes with baby feet

Cupckaes with baby feet

5. Creative idea for your guests to take photos with you

Pregnant and belly frame

6. Not everything has to be blue; Try coffee or sand

Babyshower Arena

7. Teddy Bear Ornaments Never Fail

Babyshower teddy bears

8. For a sophisticated, child-themed party

Blue Babyshower

9. This Topper Will Wow Everyone at Dessert Time

Baby Watermelon

10. Another Use for Your Mason Jars

Blue Mason Jars

11. Candy in bottles

Sweets in bottles

12. Simple and Beautiful Invitations

Diaper Invitations

13. Ready to explode!


14. Giraffes are also a good theme to decorate

Giraffe & Diapers

15. If you already know the name, put its initial as the centerpiece

Letter centerpiece


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